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IC Contact.


"This is Sam -- just leave a message, I'll get back to you."

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[Though Dean missed out on some of the more crucial aspects of the conversation between Sam and Crowley, he saw enough. And that emotional call back? Yeah, it's time for a brief intervention. Dean gets it — Crowley is a piece of shit demon in serious need of being put down just like they put down his dog once, but they can't rush into anything, and Dean half-expects that Sam'll be gearing up to go. Without him.

Because let's face it, there are still some serious trust issues there that they haven't quite patched up.

So he seeks out Sam, finds him, and sees that he's looking for something.

Dean can guess what that something might be.]


[Serious time.]

Slow down.
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[Shit. Dean watches for a moment, hearing Sam babble about the conversation, but then finally moves into the room and takes Sam by the arm. Hard. Jerks him so that Sam will face him and stop searching for just a god damn minute.]


[Even more serious.]


[Then again, for good measure.]

Stop. Sam, you can't just jump into something like this. You need to sit down and chill out.
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[Dean hates this. Hates seeing Sam tear into himself like this, hates that Crowley got under his skin to such a degree, hates that Crowley is even around with his stupid hellhounds, being a thorn in their sides like always.

When he speaks, his voice is quiet. He doesn't move to touch Sam again — gives him his space.]

You couldn't know.

[And while it may not be comforting, it's a simple fact. He couldn't know that something bad would have happened to Sarah, couldn't know that they'd be dealing with deeper shit than they could have even imagined back then. There's no way. Back then, Sam was still such a kid. They both were, really. So ignorant of all the shit that was out there, just waiting for them.]

You wanna get him, Sammy, we'll get him. You and me. We'll put him in a devil's trap or kill him over and over again, or whatever it takes. We'll do it.

[Dean will be right there with you.]

But we can't rush into it. We need a plan.

[Dude has seven freaking hellhounds. Maybe. Dean isn't so sure he was telling the truth, but if he was — yeah, they can't just run in, guns blazing.]
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[Doesn't matter whether Sam can justify it or not, Dean will always blame himself. There's one reason Sam returned to hunting — one reason he met Sarah at all — and that's because Dean pulled him right back into this. Took him away from Jess, and kick-started everything. He doesn't believe in destiny — he and Sam both told destiny to shove it, what seems like ages ago — and so the burden falls on someone. That someone is Dean. If he had left Sam, all those years ago, to just live out his happy life with Jess, none of this would have happened. No Purgatory, no apocalypse, no hell. No Crowley, no nothing. Sam would be a lawyer, married and happy, and Dean would be out there killing the bad guys. Or dead.

But Sam wouldn't have had this.

Things are different, now, because they have unfinished business. Just like Sam had unfinished business when he decided to turn off his phone for a year, while Dean rotted in Purgatory. They have responsibilities and people relying on them. Sam sees a way out, but he'll never be able to get the hell out if demons like Crowley keep getting in the way. Which is exactly why the trials are so damn important.

It's fucked, though — that they just have one problem after another after another, unrelenting, and they keep trudging on until everyone they love gets pulled in somehow. That Dean has to crouch down opposite of Sam, and offer him words that really aren't all that comforting, words that can't keep the guilt at bay. That they both know that someone else gets pulled into the vortex and dies because of it.]

We'll stop him. He won't be able to hurt anyone else after we finish the trials.

[Because they're getting home. Dean doesn't doubt that. They have a good angle, good leads, everything they need. They're going to go home, and they're going to seal up hell, and maybe they'll kill Crowley too. For the hell of it. Here, there — both places. Why the hell not?

He's nothing compared to Leviathans and Lucifer and everything else. He's just Crowley — a demon on a power trip.]

No rushing, but we'll make it happen.

[They always do.]
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[And it's as simple as that. A little further, just a little bit more, and then Sam can get out just like he wants, have his happy ending and a girl and whatever else he tried to have going for him during Dean's time in Purgatory. Dean'll keep hunting, because that's what he does, and there will still be vengeful spirits to be put to rest and monsters to put down.

But there will be no more deals and no more Crowley and no more demons they need to hunt down in revenge.]

Him and the rest of Hell.

[Dean stands back up and nods toward the books Sam knocked over.]

Come on. Better get those cleaned up before Cas sees.
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[Dean stands quietly, watching Sam pick up the books. When he pauses and apologizes, Dean doesn't respond for a moment. He thinks about the state that Sam was just in, and the trials that are still looming before him. It's not the first time that he thinks that he should probably take over, somehow. Find another hellhound and take on the burden of the trials.

He doesn't say that, though, because the trials are on the back burner until they get back. Their focus can't be on that, and he doesn't want to prompt yet another argument between himself and Sam.

Instead, he nods once in acknowledgement.]

You should go for one of your walks when you're done with that. Clear your head.

[And with that, he moves to leave the room.]
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you in?
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[Text] 1/3

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[Text] 2/3

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[Text] 3/3

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we hunt all sorts of shit we can handle a quick look at the wastelands
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there's no way to even figure out the wastelands without going to the wastelands

think of your book

think of all of the terrible monsters you want to help for some reason
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[Text] 2/2 whoops

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and yes

that's a fucking hunt right there
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[Text] i haven't slept okay

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i knew you were

i was just giving you more reasons to come


no dragons

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[If kids at Christmas time are culture-shocky and a tiny bit bloodthirsty, then you hit the nail right on the head.

He knows you have his back with these forays into the city's unknowns. All this back and forth is for your benefit.]

what the hell is a swan dragon

is it tasty
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with the way things work here it could be called a swan dragon but look like demon hellspawn

reptile meat is good too

fried alligator tail sammy

fried alligator tail

you need to lay off the salads and live a little
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heartburn is proof that you had a good meal how do you not know that

i have a few times

it's good
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won't know until i try

won't try until you get your ass here so we can go

so get moving
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[Dean sends over his coordinates. He's already near the wastelands. Not that he's eager or anything.]
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[Dean's armed and ready, standing there in his layered clothing, giving Sam a nod as he gets closer. There's a part of him — darker, less acknowledged — that hopes that the Wastes will be like Purgatory, with dangerous creatures all around and nothing to do but hack and slash at them. The more time Dean spends here, the more he wants something like that again. Something that makes more sense than what they've been doing, sitting around and playing nice, knowing that most of their neighbors are dangerous. Dean's already heard of a vampire that's been pestering someone — and yeah, he volunteered his services in the event that they're needed, but the fact that he can't go off and just hunt the damn thing once and for all gets under his skin. Makes him restless.

They have an enemy on which they need to focus their energy, Dean reminds himself. But that progress is slow-going, and Dean really just needs to burn off some steam. So when Sam arrives, Dean's expression is focused — alert. Ready.]

Guess not.

[He doesn't need to ask Sam if he's armed. Of course he is, because he's a Winchester, and wouldn't show up to something like this without a weapon. Dean leads them through a gap in the wall — bending low and working his way out until he's in the Wastes. He waits for Sam to emerge after him, and while he does, Dean takes in the scenery — vast, and shifting. The ground shakes, a little, for a moment, and then settles down. Dean pulls out Ruby's knife.]

We'll scope it out. Take a look around, see if we can find a good hunt. Anything out of our league gets on our trail, we'll turn back.

[Because for all he wants to do this, Dean isn't stupid — he's very well of their limitations and their ammo situation, and he knows better than to throw himself at something they can't handle right now.]
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[Dean has had the misfortune of encountering one of them, and he is well aware that they aren't pleasant if provoked. But...]

I think rabbits'll be the least of our problems out here.

[There's a hint of enthusiasm in his tone as he surveys the Wastes. Hunting just for the sake of hunting shouldn't be appealing - after all, their job is to save people, not kill aimlessly. But trapped as they are here, with monsters they can't hunt and an enemy they can't just go out and face, Dean feels an inner restlessness that is only growing as time passes. He just sucks at settling down and biding his time - something he has already established once before. At least in Purgatory, it was kill or be killed, a constant surge of adrenaline and movement. Here, it's live quietly and hunt down harmless fruit cows for food.

They can't go too far, at least not this first time out, and not if they don't want to deal with the time discrepancies that he heard about. But a little venturing should be enough, so Dean leads them outward, every so often glancing back at the Safezone to gauge their distance. The ground rumbles, and Dean notices some movement far ahead as the Wastes shift yet again.

Something flies overhead. Dean looks up.]

...the hell is -

[There's a loud, disorienting cry, and Dean finds himself stumbling over his next steps. The creature cries out again, and Dean clamps his hands over his ears, whipping around as he does so to check on Sam.]
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[There's a lull — while the creature is flying around, Dean drops his hands and looks up at it, gauging whether or not it's going to be swooping back around. It seems likely, but they don't have anything that they can use to take it down unless they waste bullets — something neither of them want to do. So it means that they'll have to wait for it to pass.

He joins Sam at the rock, taking up the spot next to him.

And sure enough, it starts to fly back around.]

Cover your ears —

[He quickly puts Ruby's knife back on his person so that both hands are free, and then that shriek sounds again — far away, but still loud enough to reach them. Dean's knees buckle and he presses his hands to his ears, but a second too late — finding himself feeling lightheaded and unsteady.]
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[It takes Dean a moment to respond, disoriented as he is, but he manages a nod and, after another moment, he's able to speak.]

Yeah, I'm fine.

[No weird effects, but it definitely doesn't feel nice to be sent to his knees like that. He looks back up — the creature seems to be flying further away, maybe expanding its circle or migrating elsewhere. They're unseen, though, and that's what is most important. Dean isn't sure how they'd fair going up against something that can do that with just a screech.

He allows them another few minutes of hiding by the rock — just until he feels confident the thing isn't going to turn around on them again. Then he pulls away.]

All clear.

[And starts walking again, keeping the occasional eye on the sky.]
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[Yeah, yeah, warn the monsters about the monsters. He's knows your mission, although in a place like this there are probably more monsters than Sam'll ever be able to record in that book of his.

He follows Sam's stare upward. It looks clear. For now.]

We really need something with good range.

[Something that doesn't have limited ammo.]
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[A canon - sure. And unlimited ammo and a whole host of other things to which he and Sam don't have access. Might as well make a list.]

I'll see if I can get some supplies.

[He's been planning on trying his hand at the bartering system around here, anyway. See what he can get. Maybe he and Sam can learn the art of ancient weapon making, when they're not brainstorming a way to get at the Animus. Why the hell not.]

C'mon. Let's see if we can find something else.

[Because Dean's out here to hunt — something a little bit more attainable than that thing.]
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we live with a bitch
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[Don't get Dean wrong, he's been riding a pretty strong emotional roller coaster himself, thanks to Cas and Sam's door and seeing Lilith in Crowley's door like that. A lot of shit that should have stayed buried has been brought back up to the surface, and Dean's pissed. And tired. And a lot of other things. But Rei's little phone call was the icing on the cake, and he just wants to bitch about her like she's the biggest problem he has right now, because it's a nice distraction from all the other very real issues they have going on.

He assumes Sam is standing guard by his door by now, and maybe that's why the text came so delayed — busy keeping watch, or maybe he's upset because he had a taste of what's in there. As far as Dean's concerned, they don't need to discus what he saw — or any of it, really. They can just watch ther doors until this even goes away and then pick back up where they left off.]


she's a bitch
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[Damn it, Sammy, what's your deal? He expected you to bitchface at him — as best you can in text, at least — for calling her a bitch since he's pretty sure you don't mind Rei, but your text-tone is a little off.

So Dean switches topics.]

where are you
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[Dean assumes that Sam's upset about his own door and only his own door — doesn't even entertain the possibility that Sam has been in his. Trust between them has been murky at best since Dean returned from Purgatory, but they're in a better place than they were at the beginning — and really, there are just some things you don't do. Going into your brother's door is official one them.

...Granted, he went into Sam's, but he legitimately thought Sam needed help. That ended up being an awful decision — and Dean not only regrets it, but feels both guilty and a little fucked up from what he saw inside.

It's not something that needs to be discussed.

But he does know that it must be painful for Sam to know what's behind his door. Hell, it was painful for him.]

need a break?
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[Dean hesitates briefly, because his door is a little noisy from time to time, which makes it a less-than-ideal meeting place. Ultimately, he settles on sending the location — will just make a point of stepping away some distance away from the door before Sam arrives.]
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[When Dean sees Sam approaching, he walks up to him to greet him, keeping them a decent distance away from the door, although it's still within eyesight. He's not looking much better, himself, having spent the night at his door without any breaks, thanks to his fight with Cas, listening to the occasional scream.]


[He studies Sam's face, sees what he's trying to smooth out of his expression.]

That bad, huh?

[Dean knows just how bad Sam's door is, was forced to interact with Sam at his worst and most tortured, and then the happy child Sam could have been.

This door event has been rough.]
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[Yeah, no kidding. Sam's door was like a maze. And pretty dangerous, too.

Dean shrugs the question off.]

Nothing like a trip down memory lane, right?

[Nothing like putting years and distance between yourself and some of your worst memories, only to have them dragged back up to the surface by a few creatures that are, of course, incredibly difficult to kill or ward away. And then having to deal with the fact that there were people snooping around in there, taking a nice long look at those memories.]
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[Dean's quiet for a long moment. There's a flash of something akin to surprise and hurt in his expression, but he quickly closes that off in favor of a more guarded expression - presses his lips together, looks down at the ground, and then just nods.

It's nothing that Sam doesn't already know. Dean told him about what happened in hell a long time ago. But it's different - being told and then seeing it for yourself. And this being on the heels of the argument with Cas, and the subsequent conversation with their annoying roommate - Dean's already emotionally taxed.

It's hypocritical, because he saw Sam's mess of a door, saw Castiel's secrets too. But Dean can't shake that feeling of betrayal - maybe because trust has been such a shaky issue between them lately, or maybe because the thought of Sam watching him crack and become something twisted fucks with him in a bad way - and with it comes a fresh surge of anger.

When he finally speaks, his tone is restrained.]

Y'know, you've made some shitty choices, but that -

[He looks back up.]

is fucked up, Sam.

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Re: [Action]

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You couldn't call?

[That should have been his first thought - oh hey, a door with Dean's name on it, better give him a call and see if he knows what's up.

But really, Dean's anger is misplaced. It stems less from the action and more from the fact that Sam had to see that at all - and it's exasperated by everything else that has been going on.

He shakes his head.]


[Don't talk about it, don't even hint at it.]
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Re: [Action]

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[This would be a good opportunity for Dean to come clean about Sam's door, but he doesn't. Leaves it unsaid, because it's bad enough that Sam has had to see him at his worst. Dean doesn't want to recount the way he held Sam as he fell to pieces, the way he sat and ate with a Sam that had a stable home life. Doesn't want to admit that he walked out of there feeling raw and exhausted.

But as Sam turns away, Dean can't help but feel guilty over all of it - his biting comments, when he knows Sam's been dealing with his own shit, and the fact that he made the same mistake he's on Sam's case about.

They just...need to get out of this place. Get back home and focus on the trials again.

After Sam has taken a few steps, Dean calls out to him.]


Fuck the doors. Let's go find a drink somewhere.

[Or a meal. He hasn't eaten and he figures Sam hasn't either.

And this is how Dean wants to deal with all of this. Forget what happened, forget what we saw. Let's just go do something somewhat normal for a while. Take that break. A veiled, if late, kind of acceptance of what Sam told him.

It's not as though Dean's door has been free of prying eyes, anyway.]

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We'll be quick. Couple hours tops.

[Dean doesn't want to leave his door for too long, either, but he figures he and Sam can both use something like this. In fact, it's overdue, even without the past day or so of this crap.]

Yeah, there's actually a bar. No beer, though.

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[Dean does just that, pulling out his PCD to get those coordinates up and leading them in that direction.]

Me either.

[And Dean's great at eating, so that says a lot.

He's still pretty irritable, despite his suggestion - at Sam, at Cas, at Rei. But Dean's also a complex mess of other things, too, like guilt and regret and a certain hollow feeling that his door so kindly reminded him existed. And he's concerned about Sam, too, even if it's all incredibly jumbled with anger and a bunch of other complicated feelings, because he knows that door of his is heavy - and can tell that Sam is weighed down.

So as they walk, Dean finally asks:]

Wanna talk about it?

['It' being Sam's door, as Dean's is currently off the table as an acceptable topic.]
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Re: [Action]

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[It's an accurate enough description. Dean is pretty anti-therapy, and he's never been a fan of chick flick moments. His answer to anything difficult, whether it's dealing with a crazy Cas or a brother who sees hallucinations or even Purgatory, is to ignore his issues and proceed with life - and hunting - as usual. Because it doesn't matter where his head is in the grand scheme of all the shit they face, doesn't matter how he feels, and acknowledging weakness has never worked for him, anyway. Alcohol and a pissy attitude serve him just fine, and eventually, he'll just get over his issues as per usual.

But Sam? Sam has always rode a little closer to the surface, and no matter how pissed Dean may be, or how burned he may feel by Sam's spending time behind his door, Dean still wants to make sure he's okay. It's different, if Sam is the one doing the talking.

And he knows what was behind his door. It may have been a while since Lucifer last had access to Sam's head, but that doesn't mean that taking a peek at Hell won't affect his mental state. Dean may have been fucked up after Hell, but it was nothing compared to spending too long in a cage with Lucifer and Michael. So for Sam to look back into that...well, the last thing they need is for Sam to lose his grip on reality again. Cas may have fixed him, but that doesn't mean there are no scars.]

I just wanna make sure you're okay. There's some crazy stuff behind those doors.

[But Dean won't press, if Sam doesn't want to go into detail. Because even though he doubts it's fine, keeping casual is a coping mechanism Dean understands.]

All the more reason to figure out how to gank the Animus.

[Or ward or bind them. Because this is Dean's answer to trauma induced by the supernatural - put 'em down and move on. He, too, could do without events like this - for good.]
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[This is proof that he and Sam spend too much time together. Sam and his perceptive guesswork.

Dean is quiet for a long moment - focused on the path ahead instead of on Sam. He thinks back to what he experienced behind Sam's door - and exhales a tired sigh.

When Rei called him out on entering Castiel's door, he hadn't explained himself - it was none of her business why he had gone in there, and Dean wasn't going to offer up excuses. But that was Rei, a girl who, as far as Dean is concerned, can go screw herself.

In light of Dean's reaction to Sam being in his door, he explains.]

I knew better. I wasn't gonna go in, but I heard you yelling.

[For him - and how was he supposed to ignore that? He should have known, though. Just like Sam should have known to stay out of his door.

As for the rest of it - Dean would rather not discuss it. He doesn't want to recount what happened - how he felt. So Dean does what he does best: makes light of it.]

It was pretty United States of Sam in there, but nothing I couldn't handle.

[If consoling an illusion of his little brother counts as handling it.]
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[Dean looks at Sam, absolutely not wanting to have this discussion, but ultimately he decides to respond.]

You in the cage. Then you as a kid. With Mom and Dad.

[He keeps his eyes on Sam - gauging his reaction - but doesn't offer any more details.]
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[Hell for Hell. Sam's right - all in all, it's a fair trade, and really, Dean should accept that and move on, but he can't shake the jumbled mess of disappointment and hurt that result from knowing Sam was in his door. If he could have picked one person he could keep from witnessing him like that, it would have been Sam. And if he could have picked the one person he trusted not to enter his door, it would have been Sam.

But that's the thing about time. When it moves on without you, things change. People change. Little brothers run away with girls and forget their responsibilities.

Apparently, angels change too. Not a huge shock there, though.

Dean hands over the PCD so Sam can see where they are going. It's not too much further, and eventually, they settle down at a table in the bar. Dean barters with information, because he has plenty of that now that he's spent some time behind others' doors. It's probably obvious that it's not his first time here, with his easily he acquires the alcohol. He knows how this system works, now.

The stuff he gets for them isn't great, and it's a little on the strong side, but it does the job well. Dean is very liberal about his intake, and several large sips in, he addresses a new topic entirely.]

Do you think Cas is different?

[Not that Cas has ever really been all that stable in personality, but Dean means here specifically.]

Two years is a long time.

[And Dean is currently suffering from some major trust issues. Cas said the whole Lucifer deal was to protect them, but Dean has heard similar explanations from him before. And even though he's pissed at Rei for butting in, maybe she's right. Two and a half years creates a lot of distance - and even at their best, he and Cas have always had their disagreements.]
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[Dean does feel it, more and more with each passing day here, more than he'd ever let on to Sam or anyone. The truth is, he's getting real tired of getting shipped to strange worlds, and even more tired of being let down time and time again. Both Sam and Cas are here, but Cas has made some questionable choices, and Sam has gone poking in his door - and Dean is just tired of being disappointed by the people for whom he'd fight tooth and nail.

He's tired, and he can't even focus on hunting here - not their kind of hunting - so Dean's been throwing himself into whatever he can - research about the Animus, hunting their meals, anything. Eventually, they'll get home - he still believes that - but they'll just pick up fighting all over again. There is no light at the end of the tunnel - not Dean's tunnel - and the most he can hope for is saving some people and shutting down hell along the way.

Dean shrugs at the question, as though it isn't a huge deal - as if he Cas both hadn't taken some personal digs at each other not too long ago.]

Same old stuff.

[Disagreements and bad choices, and he and Cas can't see eye-to-eye, as usual.]

We better not end up stuck here for two years.

[He takes another sip of his drink.]
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[Dean may have a lot on his plate already, but he doesn't mind adding a discussion about Crowley. That's work, as far as he is concerned, and they could use a little more of that around here.]

Curing him of what? Being a giant douchewad?

[Because if so, they failed.

He's interested, though, and sits a little straighter, ready to talk shop.]

That means we're close.

[No wonder he's been dropping the names of the deceased to taunt Sam. He must be pissed.]
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Probably didn't get a chance to finish. That's gotta be some serious stuff.

[Something like that may not be as simple as reciting some words while covered in blood. Which is part of the reason why Dean wanted to be the one who completed the trials.]

You sure?

[Dean's not trying to micromanage, but your last conversation with Crowley didn't go so well, Sam.]
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[Dean rubs a hand over his mouth, then nods.]


[Can't blame him for being a little worried, especially if Crowley is intent on causing them trouble because of all this. But he'll let Sam take this one. He's the one who saw Crowley in the King of Hell's door. Meanwhile Dean got Lilith.]

Let me know what the deal is when you figure it out.
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[Dean is wondering the same - why didn't they finish? - but he is not so convinced that they failed. For all they know, Crowley could have been dragged here just before they had a chance to finish the trial. Or maybe curing takes more time. There are a lot of variables that can come into play.]

We'll get it figured out.

[It's good news, overall. They get to the third trial, they get the upper hand on Crowley, and they get close. Exactly the kind of news Dean could have used with all this door nonsense. They'll figure out what kept them from finishing, and fix it.]
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[Dean snorts, completely unsurprised by that admission.]


[Though in Sam's defense, it is pretty strong. Dean's tolerance isn't at the alarming level it was before purgatory, but it's still up there. He isn't nursing a buzz just yet.]

Tastes like crap, but it gets the job done.

[And Dean illustrates that point by tipping his glass back and finishing his off.]
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[Dean looks at Sam as he's being served that extra half-glass, and can read that in his face — knows that he's likely thinking about his door or something similar that makes him adopt that tired expression. He doesn't comment on it, though. Instead, he nods at Sam's drink.]

Think you'll need more than that.

[Because why the fuck not? Things suck, so let's get you drunk, Sammy. Dean barters for the rest of the bottle, and once it's secure, pours more in Sam's glass, and then his own. Alcohol is great for coping. Dean's been using it for years, and it sure beats the fuck out of trying to face your issues head on.

Except for that dark time before Purgatory. When he couldn't even feel the buzz anymore. That sucked.

He raises his glass.]

To fucked up universes.

[And doors, and friends who become allies with your enemies, and stupid housemates who meddle.]
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[And that was kind of the point. Okay, maybe not to get Sam this drunk, but drunk enough so that he wouldn't keep spiraling down the path he was going. They deserve a little something, even if that something is in the form of some nameless bottle of alcohol, after all the shit they've been through with these doors.

Dean's on his feet as soon as Sam stands and starts to sway — yeah, maybe they overdid it a little. It's hard for Dean to gauge Sam's tolerance when his is so high — he has a nice buzz, might be a little drunk, but he's no way near as far gone as Sam. He reaches out to help steady him.]

Easy does it, kiddo.

[Because yes, you definitely remind him of that twelve-year-old.]

Lean on me.

[He doesn't want to have to drag your ass back to the Temple if you fall and hit your head.]

Forget the door. We'll go to the Temple.

[Because he's not going to leave you to face your door — and anything that approaches it — in your current state. He guides Sam toward the door.]
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[Dean looks down at him with an expression that's mildly amused, because he's so incredibly Sammy right now, in a way that Dean feels like he hasn't been in a while. Jesus, how long has it been since they just had a simple moment like this? Not necessarily a drunken moment, but just a moment where they are two brothers, walking out of a bar, seemingly without anything heavy on their shoulders.]

You're doing fine.

[Dean completely misinterprets the comment as relating to Sam's progress out of the bar. He guides Sam in the direction of the Temple.]

This way. They're gonna think you're a drunken Sasquatch, man. The real deal. In a place like this, it's totally possible.

[It's easy, to joke like this, to slip into old teasing nicknames and rusty habits when he's nursing a nice buzz and Sam is so incredibly drunk that he can't even walk straight. It's easy to pretend that there's no friction between them, to forget about doors and everything else.]
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[Yeah, unfortunately, it'll all probably catch up with them one day. If they survive, which, let's face it. Dean's heading to an early grave. Sam'll probably settle down eventually and deal with arthritis and other mundane things. What can they do? The life is a bitch.

He doesn't focus on that, though. He's in too good of a mood to think about dour things, even with his door looming over him, even with the fight with Cas in the back of his mind. Right now, it's all about getting Sam into a bed. His bed, preferably. Not a cave.]

Dude, if you shack up in a cave something's gonna eat you. Something big. With sharp teeth.

[Maybe a killer rabbit or one of those cats. Or maybe a vampire. Dean met one of those — and she wasn't of the Benny variety. He probably should have told Sam that before getting him drunk, but they had other things to discuss. Maybe later. Doesn't really matter, he thinks as he steers Sam around a corner, since it's not like they can go hunting around here.]

Grab a few rocks, you can bring 'em with you and put them under your mattress.

[Eventually, some quips and comments later, they make it back to the Temple. Dean leads Sam to his room and guides him over to the bed, urging him to take a sitting position.]

I'm not helping you out of your clothes, man. That's on you.

[But he'll linger a little while because he wants to make sure you seem like you're going to make it without face planting on the floor — and also because he kind of wants to make sure you sleep on your side just in case you decide to upchuck in the middle of the night.]
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[His voice is low. Dean takes a seat with his back to the wall and waits until Sam stops babbling and finally falls asleep. He kind of dozes himself in the process of waiting, because it's been a long couple of days — and he's kind of used to this sleeping position, thanks to all the door-guarding he's been doing. Eventually, though, he forces himself up and heads over to the bed, checking to make sure that Sam is on his side and that his knee is bent. When he feels satisfied that Sam will make it through the night, Dean leaves.

And goes back to his door.]
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[Dean's had about a day to digest what Crowley told him, and he doesn't feel any better about it. He's basically been sitting at the same conclusion that he reached after Crowley hung up on him. That he and Sam need to talk — they need to come up with a better game plan regarding the trials — something that isn't just get back, figure out the problem, and do what we need to do to fix it, because it's not as simple as that, now that Dean has a general idea of what happens.

Not if it's going to hurt Sam. And not if it's going to get them hunted, because they screw up so badly.

They need more information so they can avoid screwing up in the event that they do get out of here with their memories in tact. Dean has a couple of ideas about how to get that information, but they both involve Crowley. One is coercion, which is kind of dangerous considering Crowley's army of hellhounds, and the other is actually trying to be nice about it — but Crowley is pissed about his situation, so Dean figures that won't really fly. Besides, the bastard will probably try and make a deal or overly complicate a simple arrangement — and really, Dean doesn't want to go down that path. At all.

But for now, first thing is first. Telling Sam about what Crowley said, and getting on the same page about these trials.

Dean finds Sam in his room. He doesn't wait for an invitation — just strolls in.]


[Before taking a seat and launching into the discussion, though, Dean takes out Ruby's knife and holds it out to Sam.]

Here. I found something else, so you can have it back.

[Because you need more weapons, Sammy. While Ruby's knife is handy and good for killing demons, Dean wants to carry around something that he can use to take off a head in one swing — something like his Purgatory blade. And Jenny gave him something that's probably as close as he's going to get. It makes him feel a little more comfortable, even if he hasn't really had need to gank anything yet.]
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A different blade.

[It's not on him right now. He's still rigging up a way to conceal it. He'll probably have to find a way to keep it on his back, under his jacket. It's bigger than Ruby's knife, and definitely heavier, but it isn't too bulky that it'll weigh him down too much.]

It's in my room if you wanna see.

[Before he drops yet another piece of bad news on you.]
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[Dean's expression stays serious as he takes a seat on Sam's bed, leaning forward.]

I talked to Crowley.

[More like exchanged insults, but details.]

He told me why we stop the trials.

[He wasn't doing it to be nice and sharing, but to hit Dean right where it hurts. Which worked, but it means that he and Sam have the reason behind their actions — and they'll be able to do something differently in the future, once they do escape this place with their memories in tact.]
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[Dean thought the same — and part of him still wants to think that. To consider Crowley a liar and move on. But what he said makes sense — it's what bothered Dean about Sam taking on the trials to begin with. And if there's one thing that could keep them from completing the Trials, it's that it'll end badly for them. For Sam.]

I pushed the right buttons.

[Sometimes being an asshole works, Sam.

And there's no point in beating around the bush.]

The Trials do something to you. They're bad news. They screw you up somehow.

[Trapped and tortured, Crowley had said.

And then, logically, if they stopped just before the grand finale — it was to save Sam.]
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It means they hurt you, Sam. If we stopped, it means the price to pay was too high. They're gonna kill you, just like I thought they would.

[Dean had said it before. We both know where this ends. One of them dies. Or worse. As much as Dean wants to believe that Crowley is trying to screw with them, he can't, because it makes too much sense. That's the way it always ends. And he's not going to let Sam sacrifice himself for this.]

I don't think he is. You said it yourself. You saw it behind his door, you know it happens.
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[And this is exactly why Dean wanted to take on the Trials himself — why he told Sam they should just find another freaking hellhound and do it all over again. Sam had refused, had given him that bullshit about seeing a light at the end of the tunnel — and now look at them. It's been confirmed that yeah, there is no light, and this is going to end in death, and he's still stubbornly insisting that he follow through on them. Keep going — and then what? Then Dean will have to live through seeing Sam die again.

And if he doesn't die? To end up trapped and tortured — suffering because of it —

No. Isn't happening.

This is a chance. A chance for them to figure something else out before they get too far, before it's too late and they get themselves into deep shit with both Heaven and Hell because they go too far and then stop. They can do something with this — be smart about it, maybe even still find a way to do something about the Trials. And if not — then so what? Stop while they are ahead, before Sam hurts himself.

At the comment of how it isn't good enough a reason to stop, Dean gets to his feet and approaches Sam.]

It sure as hell is a good enough reason. I'm not letting you do this, not after all that crap about the light —

[About how you were going to take him there, god damn it. Your words, Sam — but you can't do that if you're dead.

Sam spent a year while Dean was in Purgatory living a normal life and finding something so worthwhile, he left Dean to rot. And yeah, Dean's given him crap about it since the moment he returned, because that fucking stings, knowing your brother doesn't care enough to look, knowing that he doesn't care enough to fix what they left unfinished. But there's something out there for him that isn't fighting and struggling to survive and facing off with demons and leviathans and angels and everything else. He sees more. Dean doesn't. Never has, really. Even during his time with Lisa, he couldn't shut off the hunter in him. Relied on alcohol and hidden devil's traps to get him through each day.]

We'll figure something else out. Come up with a different plan.

[Or not. But if they get out of here, memories in tow, he's not letting Sam go through with this.]
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[Dean slaps his hand down on the table to get Sam's attention back on him. He's pissed — disappointed that Sam is being so stubborn about this, that he's so willing to just accept this, after his stupid speech. How's Dean supposed to trust him, when Sam's default is to just accept that this is going to lead to bad things, and to act like it's no big deal? Dean tried to have faith in everything Sam told him just before he handed over the paper — just before he officially gave up that piece of paper. He didn't want to, but he tried because Sam asked him. And now that faith is getting thrown right back in his face.

He should have known.]

Don't be an idiot, Sam.

[Then a humorless, breathy laugh.]

I shouldn't have let you finish the Trial.

[He's more disappointed in himself than in Sam over that one.]
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[He trusted you, Sam. After Purgatory, after all of that — you asking him to, and he did. And for what? For you to just throw everything away, just like that. To pitch a fit and go running from the room ready to toss your life away.

Dean's voice is sharp with anger — but he keeps it low.]

No, we're not done.

[It doesn't mean he's going to keep Sam from leaving the room, but this isn't finished. Sam's not calling these shots. He can stomp his feet and get pissed off and storm out, but Dean's not letting him go on a suicide mission if he has any say in it. And if they get out of here — if they get back with their memories in tact — there's no way in hell he's letting Sam complete the Trials.

He'll just have to do this on his own. If this is how Sam's going to be — unwilling to put the breaks on, so ready to just give up and complete the Trials —

Dean will just have to work on this without him.]

But go ahead. Leave.

[Run away from your problems. From your family. That's what you do.]
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[Had Sam been looking, he would have seen that Dean's expression morphs from anger to open hurt as soon as that comment is spoken. It isn't something he expected Sam to say, and it shows. But just as soon as it passes across his face, Dean hardens back into anger. Because that's exactly what he's doing — leaving. Giving up.

That's exactly what the problem is, exactly the reason that Dean doesn't want him going through with this. Exactly why they're fighting.

But he doesn't try to stop Sam. Lets him leave, and shortly thereafter returns to his room.]

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[personal profile] kissfromarose 2013-09-07 03:01 am (UTC)(link)
[ Sometime after their rocky start, Sam will find a slightly crumpled piece of paper folded up outside the temple with his name written on it.

When he opens it, this is what he will find:

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get your ass back here

[Normally, after the conversation that they had, Dean wouldn't be so eager to talk to Sam, but this is more important than their argument and the shit that Sam said to him. This is about a hunt, and Dean's not going to let that pass by without taking on the job.]
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[Consider it a small punishment for what you put him through.]

everyone's fine

where are you?
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there's no such thing as a sec in the wastelands get your ass back here before you're gone for a week
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how long will it take you to get to [x,y]
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[Offline] | Backdated to 9/21

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[Dean has spent the morning in his room. He may have given Sam crap about his hobbies, but Dean's found a couple of his own that have kept him busy. He's very much a doer, and can't stand to sit around useless. There's only so much research he can stomach, and sitting around twiddling his thumbs while he waits for the opportunity to get out of this place lost its appeal a long time ago.

Messing with that car he found, just to see what he can manage, has occupied him a little — but more importantly, he's also been working on putting together some weapons, thanks to the tools he acquired and the supplies Jenny gave him. He's made a basic bow already, and Jenny helped him out with a crossbow, too, on which he's finally putting some finishing touches. He and Sam will both be able to do some decent long-range damage with these, once he gets some arrows made — which will be good for hunting and self defense.

The table in his room has become a work area of sorts, and that's where he leaves everything when he decides to emerge for lunch, deciding to see if Sam's around to join him. He goes to his room — and sure enough, there's Sam, napping with that smelly dog of his, all curled up together in bed in a way that makes Dean shake his head. He considers leaving Sam, since he needs rest with that sickness of his, but decides instead to just wake him. Eating is just as important as sleeping, after all, and Dean knows Sam's not a big eater as it is.

He enters the room and walks over to the bed. Riot raises his head at him, but Dean ignores him.]


[He says it without trying to stir Sam at first, but after a moment Dean gives his shoulder a light shake.]

Time for lunch. Get your ass up.
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As close as I can get with the shitty ingredients around here.

[As Sam gets settled, Dean starts gathering everything he needs to make a meal for them — leftover rabbit meat from his most recent hunt being the operative ingredient. It's not ideal, and Dean could probably do a lot more if he had focused on taking down some better prey, but his hunt had been interrupted by having to go rescue Cas from the Wastes. Which meant scrounging for something halfway decent after that disaster with Pitch and seeing Cas home safely.

He doesn't turn around as he answers Sam, busy prepping the meat, but he rolls his shoulders in a shrug all the same.]

Nothing to report, really.

[They're still stuck here, he hasn't found any solutions regarding Sam's cough, and his pride is still a little wounded from that would-be fight with Pitch. He's still a mixture of irritated and concerned for Cas, but that's nothing new — so yeah. Same old stuff.]

Almost done with the crossbow.

[He's eager to give the new weapons a try out in the field, get a sense for how well they work. See if maybe they aren't as balanced as they should be — and if that's the case, hopefully Dean can get that sorted out before he needs to go running to Jenny for help a second time. He's determined to become independent with his weapon-making hobby — but of course that's easier said than done, especially with more complex weapons.]


[He doesn't need to ask specifically about Sam's health — Sam knows.]
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[No joke. Chasing the resident wildlife down with knives lost its appeal during that first hunt. It isn't an easy thing to do. Having range weapons will definitely help them out.

And...that's not such a bad idea, actually, using Cas' feathers. Not out of spite, but out of convenience — Dean held on to a few of them while Cas was molting just in case they'd need them at some point.]

Who said you get the use the crossbow? That's mine. I'm not playing Robin Hood out there.

[The basic bow is all yours, Sammy.

That is, until Dean gets another crossbow made, which he does plan on doing. He can only go so fast with such limited supplies, though.

Dean continues to prepare their meal, but the talk of winter dampens his mood a little. They've been stuck here, what, almost two months now? With no end in sight. He doesn't want to accept that he's going to be here throughout winter. He already feels like he's been biding his time, focusing on stupid things, when he should be making progress toward the exit. At least when he was stuck in Purgatory, he was constantly on the move — working toward an end goal.]

You'll make it.

[Plant life isn't enough to sustain you anyway, Sammy.

Of course, Sam's response isn't exactly what Dean was asking about. As fun as it is to hear Sam whine about the potential lack of rabbit food in the upcoming winter, he's more interested in how Sam's health is doing.]

How's the cough? Any better?

[Dean knows better than to hope. If Cas couldn't do anything for it, the chances of it clearing up on its own are not good.]
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If you can shoot it.

[A light jab right back at him. Bows are tough tools after all — not that he has any real doubt that Sam will get the hang of it.

As for the cough, Dean's a little skeptical. He doesn't exactly buy into that optimism — both because he doesn't want to get his hopes up and because his trust in Sam's words is tentative at best, especially after their argument over the Trials.

With a hint of disbelief:]


[Dean turns when Sam starts coughing and — he's right. It doesn't sound that bad — today, at least. Dean relaxes a little with a nod that's more to himself than to Sam, then turns back to the food.]

Good. And here I was about to call you Doc Holliday.

[Lightening up the moment once more.]
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No way. Westerns are awesome. If anything, you should watch more of them. Get cultured.

[It's not his fault you can't appreciate his good taste, Sammy. Although, it's not like he has a choice but to lay off of them around here. He hasn't heard of anyone getting together for a movie night in this crappy place.]

Exactly. You can get your veggies by proxy.

[Or something like that.]
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[As Sam starts coughing — worse, this time, instead of better, and Dean can't help but feel angry at that, because Sam had just said a moment before that it wasn't so bad — Dean wipes his hands and turns to him. As he faces Sam, he sees it — that hand going to his mouth and them coming back streaked with blood.]

Sam —

[For a fleeting moment, Dean's concern outweighs just how pissed off he's about to become. Sam recovers, and then Dean moves almost automatically — his bandana out of his pocket and over Sam's hand, even though it's not a cut, and even though it won't help anything, the way that Sam holds his hand out like that just makes Dean want to move. Make it right, somehow, even though there's absolutely nothing either of them can do — even though it's just going to get worse until they can get out of here and fix it.

Then he looks up at Sam, pressing his lips together tightly. He could hit him, he really could — if it were not for the fact that Sam's body doesn't need the damage. He pulls back the bandana and takes a step back, breathing deeply to keep control of his sudden surge in temper.]


[He spits it out, a mimic of Sam's earlier diction.]

What the hell, Sam. How is that [He gestures to Sam's cup, marked with that bloody thumbprint.] good?

[Another breath and Dean looks away, leaning on the counter, shaking his head. Shows him for taking Sam at his word.

As usual.]

I'm not even gonna ask when you were planning on telling me.

[Because the answer is probably never, or at least not for as long as Sam could get away with it.]
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[It's more than just a little bit of blood. It's one thing to bleed from a cut or other wound — but this is coming from Sam's lungs. They can't stitch that up. There's no bandage that will patch it up. And Cas can't even fix it. This is some serious shit, and he and Sam can't even begin to guess at just how bad it's going to get.]

Not like this.

[He isn't convinced — Sam could talk them both in circles and Dean still wouldn't feel even remotely relieved.

Then, quieter and with less anger:]

You're not okay.

[And Crowley was right.]
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It's not that easy.

[Sam can't just dismiss it like that. They can't just leave it — move on and wait for it get that much worse. There are things that they can do — try and find other healers or, hell, even try normal medicinal methods, like Sam was talking about. Sitting around is going to get them nowhere, but if there's even a chance that they can do something about this here and now — Dean's going to take it.

He doesn't know that Sam will manage this time. With the little knowledge he has of their future — he doesn't see it.

But he goes back to cooking. He has nothing more to say to Sam that wouldn't be loaded with anger and concern, anyway. He finishes in silence, not interested in diffusing the situation with a quip or joke this time, then sets Sam's plate in front of him.]


[Then Dean takes his and heads to his room.]
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[Dean settles in his room and eats, thinking about what he can for Sam's cough. He knows the name of one healer around here, and knows that there's a clinic, too — at the least, they should try those leads. Mostly, though, he just ruminates on their conversation — on Sam telling him everything was fine. It's as though Sam has been telling Dean what he wants to hear — that he sees a light, that he wants to live, that everything is okay — and giving him none of the truth. Dean doesn't know how the hell he's supposed to help Sam out if he can get a straight-forward answer — if he can't fucking trust anything that Sam tells him.

He thinks a little about Cas too — Cas going off and getting hurt in the Wastes, keeping company with creatures like Pitch, racking up dangerous friendships. Bucking to leave. Cas is their ticket out of here, but Dean worries about relying on him sometimes. He can't quite shake how many times he's been let down before — and there's part of him that remains concerned for Cas' mental health and his impressionability.

Everything is a fucking mess.

After he finishes eating, he messes with the crossbow for a while, but his mind isn't in it. He decides he needs to do something active, since he's spent the day inside, so he arms himself and pulls on his jacket. It's getting dark when he emerges, and Dean sets off without any real direction in mind.

He finds Sam.

Dean pauses, hands in pockets, watching his brother pet Riot, and after a moment, sits next to him. Because even if he's still pissed at Sam — a little hurt, feeling kind of betrayed all over again — that's not going to keep him from staying by his brother's side.]

You should teach the dog to hunt. Make him useful.

[It's a truce — Dean acknowledging the dog (with proper pronouns) and steering clear of the other hot-button issues. They can talk about other things for now, like Riot, since Sam loves the stupid dog so much, or what to hunt when they get the bows ready, or even what to do if they are stuck here long enough to see winter. Neutral topics, more or less.]
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Yeah? I bet we could get him to tell the difference between a human and a demon.

[If a hunter is going to own a dog, he might as well train it to be useful — help hunt food, help warn against the non-humans of this place. Hell, having a dog that's reliable on an actual hunt would be helpful too. Dean could actually see the merit in having a dog like that.

It'd be a hell of a lot better than having a dog that's up his ass slobbering on things without a job to do.]
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[A weapons saddle is actually a really cool idea. Dean is in favor of it. Hell, he'd even offer to rig something up if it weren't for the fact that he is opposed to keeping a dog around the Temple — or at all.]

I'd like him more if he could do stuff like that.

[Maybe not entirely, but Dean would definitely tolerate him if he could bark around demons or put up a show in front of bad guys. Granted, he doubts that Sam will want to put his precious pet in danger, with his mommy mode and all, but it's a nice thought. Better than thinking about how all the dog does right now is smell up the Temple and slobber on things.]
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[Dean considers that, and then nods. Yeah, he would just about arm anything — but with a good purpose.]

It's a dangerous world out there. Gotta be prepared.

[Putting some sort of supply vest on Riot isn't a bad alternative, though. It'd be useful, if nothing else — especially on hunts. Because while Sam is thinking that he wouldn't take Riot on hunts, Dean's thinking that would be useful. What the hell else is the point of a dog? Might as well put him to work.]

Shouldn't take you too long.

[For all his earlier teasing, he's fairly certain Sam'll be a natural. Maybe neither of them have had much use for bows before, but you don't grow up around weapons without developing a kind of natural affinity for adapting to new ones quickly.]

Unless you're a girl about it.

['Cause you're gonna get calluses no matter what.]
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Oh yeah?

[You really wanna go there, Sammy? Because you just turned this into a challenge.]

You're on. As soon as I get the arrows made, we'll see who's better.

[Dean's confident that it's going to be him.]

Better start practicing with those claws of yours.

[Because bigger hands are not actually an advantage — they can make for awkward shooting.]
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You're not at an advantage until you train him. He's just a beast right now.

[Well, okay, Riot's a lot better than a dog that hasn't even heard the word housebroken before, but he's still fairly useless, in Dean's opinion. Pretty much just exists to slobber on things and, apparently, come into Dean's room even though he isn't allowed.

Dean glances upward to take a look at that sky — and yeah, it is kind of nice out here, even if it's getting chilly out. He doesn't take all that much pleasure in it, though. Can't, when he knows he's essentially caught in a box, preventing from leaving all over again. Doesn't matter how nice the sky looks, Dean will resent it until he's finally home — and until he and Sam can fix everything that they've fucked up.

He stands, then.]

Sleep out here and you'll get eaten by something. It's getting cold, anyway.

[Maybe not cold, but definitely too cool for someone with a cough like that to be sitting out all night.]

Let's go back.
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Touchy, Sammy. Don't let me bring out the mother hen in you. I know it warps that brain of yours.

[Dean's still a little touchy about the dog, even if there are more important problems at hand right now.

He waits for Sam, but Sam doesn't move right away.]

Dude, come on. I'm not gonna stand here waiting all day.

[Sam's prediction isn't too far off. Glances and frowns are going to be part of life for them for a while now — although that isn't really anything new — until they get this figured out. Dean trying to find an answer that probably isn't out there, looking for a healer, for help. And there is disappointment there, trust shaken yet again. But staying outside won't keep it at bay; it's already begun.]
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[They walk, and Dean doesn't bother glancing at Sam until he says that. He wants to feel a little hopeful upon hearing that, but he can't help but feel a little skeptical.]

Just like that?

[Or is there some fine print he needs to know about?]

What's it supposed to do?

[Since Sam hasn't been fully healed if he's still coughing, however lessened it may be.]
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What I saw? That ain't better.

[Because coughing blood doesn't count as better in Dean's world at all — especially not if Sam's the one doing the coughing.

Though he says it firmly, giving Sam a little look to let him know just how stupid that sounds after his earlier episode, he's a little relieved that Gabriel was able to do something, even if he couldn't heal Sam completely. That'll buy them some more time, if nothing else, to try and figure something out. Or get the hell out of here. Preferably both.]
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[Taking what he can get just isn't enough. Yeah, he's glad that it's better and Dean definitely agrees that buying time is important when they don't have any other answers, but they need more than that. Regardless, he nods.]


[And that's all, because what the hell else is Dean going to say? No, don't be positive about this? Sam can feel hopeful — Dean will be the one to carry the bulk of concern.]
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[almost a week has gone by since her failed expedition with Castiel, and so it's time for Vriska to come a-pokin']

Would you really have helped me that time?
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I don't know.

You're really different from your brother.

[it's not said like a compliment, but it's not said like an insult either-- it's just a statement of fact]
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Is that really common for siblings?

My species doesn't have them. I didn't know what they were before I came here.
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We didn't have families at all.
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Yeah, I don't really get that. I mean... I guess I might be starting to, a little? I don't know. It's kind of hard to tell if you have family feelings for someone when you have no frame of reference for it.

Did you like him? Your fake father?
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For trolls, all our most important relationships are romance. We have different kinds-- four kinds-- so we can have more than one important person, and they're not all. Y'know. Sex things. There's platonic romance, too.

But I have people who are really important to me who I don't have romantic feelings for, so... I don't know.
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That's not what Juliet would have said! She loved her cousin.

Our way is complicated, but it's definitely less complicated. And more consistent.
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Nope. The short explanation is that adult trolls provided their genetic material to the Mother Grub, who used it to lay eggs. Then a bunch of baby trolls hatched-- wigglers-- and the strongest ones were allowed to live.
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Well, we're not mammals. And yeah, we're pretty bug-like. Some people think that's weird for some reason.
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See? You get it.
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You're weird back home? I thought you killed weird stuff.
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Does it bug you?
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But people don't think you're crazy here. That's gotta be a relief, right?
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A lot of us aren't even monsters at all!
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We're all people, just like you. Some of us are just assholes or villains, that's all.
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Noooooooo, I mean some of us are assholes and villains without being monsters.
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That's fair. Spread the message to your brother, too!
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Are you sure about that?
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Nope. But I'm still not that worried.
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where are you
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just come back there's no point in staying anywhere else
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i'm being treated like your errand boy
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not by you

by your new friends

they can't find you so they're pestering me
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i guess you don't want your shit then

good i hope dogs can eat jelly
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i was kidding i don't know the first thing about what dogs can and can't eat

dude i get that you're fine living in some unwarded shithole

[Even if he doesn't like it because you'd be better off just coming back to the freaking Temple.]

i just have stuff for you from some kid who's decided he needs to play grandma and send you tea and cookies
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he has a thing for you sammy
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you're way too easy
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yeah well

not all of us fit into your dream life
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your shit's in your room
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[n o t h i n g]

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[He was only a jerk because you keep pushing dog duties on him. No matter how hard you try, Sam, he's never gonna be that guy. Especially not for the dog that was part of your happy hunt-free life while he was fighting in Purgatory. :|]
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[n o t h i n g]

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[Dude you entrusted your dog to Cas. Call Cas to find out about Riot. Dean just wanted brotherly conversation minus 20 questions about your damn dog.]
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[Text] | Backdated to Monday, Oct 7.

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[After the unfortunate encounter with someone who looked and sounded like Azazel, Dean has a stab wound that he needs to get stitched. He tried to do it himself, but the angle is too awkward for him to do a decent job of it. Since it isn't serious enough to bother Cas, Dean decides to text Sam.]

you busy?
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[Dude, you could be busy with your books or your animal hoarding ways. Give him points for being a little considerate.]

i need stitches

[And Dean's a little annoyed about it because between this event and rescuing Cas, he's losing a lot of clothes to bloodstains. It isn't like he can head on out to a store to easily replace them.]
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i've had worse

[Which doesn't even remotely clarify how bad it is, considering just how grievous Dean's injuries have been in the past — but Sam'll see for himself soon enough.]
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it's just a scratch

i'd stitch it myself but it's in a hard spot
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Dean waits. It isn't bleeding as heavily anymore, but he keeps pressure on it all the same, his shirt folded up and pressing on the wound. He's in his room, sitting on his bed, and when Sam arrives, he looks up at him —

and sees Lisa.

His eyes linger on Lisa's face for a long moment. It's been a long time since he's seen her, but that wound — the pain of what he did to her, the trouble he caused her, their ultimate parting, after everything she had done for him — feels freshly torn now. He almost wants to make a joke about it — a comment about how he told Sam to never bring up Lisa and Ben again, and this counts as bringing it up, but he can't make himself do it.

Finally, he looks away. Clears his throat.]

This was a bad idea.
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[Gordon is better than Lucifer or Michael, but that doesn't mean that Dean wants to put Sam through this, especially if he isn't hearing him, but is hearing Gordon say who knows what instead. And Dean doesn't want to look at Lisa or hear Lisa's voice. That chapter closed for him the moment he left that hospital, and it isn't one he wants reopened in any capacity. Even if Lisa's mannerisms are actually Sam's.]

Forget it.

[The wound isn't even that bad, and maybe Dean'll see Cas around at some point to fix it. But Sam probably can't hear him, so Dean shakes his head and rubs a hand over his face. No, Sammy. They aren't doing this.

Keeping the cloth against his wound, he picks up the supplies he has set out on the bed and makes a move to walk past the illusion of Lisa and leave. He'll stitch the thing up himself even if it means doing a shitty job.]
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[Dean hesitates — thinking about how fucked up it is to hear Sam asking please in Lisa's voice like that. And since this is right on the heels of his encounter with the illusion of Azazel, Dean's feeling pretty on edge.

He lets out an audible breath and then moves back to the bed. He sets down the supplies and takes a seat. Doesn't bother saying anything this time, since Sam can't hear it anyway — just removes the cloth and gestures to his wound. By all means, even if he thinks it's stupid for either of them to put themselves through this.

The wound itself really isn't all that bad. He was stabbed with a throwing knife, but nothing pertinent was nicked in the process — it pretty much just needs to be closed up. He moves his arm so that it isn't in the way and Sam can get to work.

He glances at Lisa's — Sam's — face, then takes Sam's advice and directs his attention at the wall.]
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[Though Dean keeps his attention directed at the wall, he's a little disturbed when Lisa — Sam — touches him, knowing that it isn't really her (it's his brother, and that's just weird), and after having resigned himself to never being near her again. He has to resist the desire to shift uncomfortably, and that's not even from feeling the sensation of the needle threading through his skin.

The comment helps a little, though. It's in Lisa's voice, which, as Sam surmises, Dean would prefer not to hear, but it isn't a very Lisa thing to say. That keeps him rooted in reality.]


[There's no point in saying anything more, though, since it'll all be lost on Sam, so Dean just stays still and lets him finish. The quicker they can part ways, the better — for both of them.]
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[Dean notices the pause, but there's no point in saying anything about it. He risks another look at Sam's face — still Lisa, of course, and it's hard to tell what Sam is thinking when it's someone else he's seeing — but Sam goes back to work and then finishes.]


[Not that Sam will hear it. If this happens again, though, Dean isn't calling Sam back. Better to just suck it up and deal than put Sam through whatever it is he's being forced to listen to.

Dean takes up the note and reads it as Sam's leaving — and then looks back up, but Sam's already gone. Not that having a conversation about this would work, given what they're dealing with — and not that Dean wants to have a conversation about it, because that's just awkward. Of all people he could mistake for Benny, Sam was the worst, especially considering the conversation he had been trying to have.

He thinks about the things that Sam-as-Benny said to him, wondering if that actually came from Sam himself — but judging by the note, that's not the case.

Which means Dean can pretty much shelf this and he and Sam can just never bring it up again — leave the awkward situation behind them without drawing any more attention to it.]
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[Action] | Backdated to October 13th

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[Dean can tell that Sam is still upset — thanks to the way he's been keeping their interaction to a minimum since the event ended. Truth be told, Dean doesn't mind the extra space. The event was pretty rough for him, between getting stabbed a couple of times and seeing people and demons from Winchester past showing up left and right.

It isn't as easy for him and Sam to set their disagreements to the side here in Adstringendum as it was back home. Back there, they were often put in a position where they had no choice but to communicate for the job — and because they were stuck in a vehicle so much of the time. Here, there's nothing forcing them to communicate beyond bare necessity, which means that Dean has to put an end to this himself.

He heads out of the Temple in search of Sam, planning to hit up some of Sam's main haunts. He finds him pretty quickly, though, not too far from the building, with a nice little area of paper targets with drawn-on bullseyes set up for bow practice. He watches for a moment, assessing Sam's form, and then he walks up to him.

Dean doesn't even acknowledge that things have been a little rocky — just jumps right in like it's business as usual.]

Nice shot, Legolas.

[Get it — 'cause your hair is kind of long and you're using a bow.]

It almost looks like you have a chance at beating me.
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[Dean's smile falters a little at that, because really? He's trying to play nice here. The sass and bitchfacing is unnecessary. That happened days ago, and he believes he had a point, considering how Sam was pushing aspects of Riot's care on him.

He takes it in stride, though, since he isn't keen on prolonging that disagreement, or the silence that's been existing between him and Sam. They need to stay focused on more important things, like getting out of this place and bringing down the Animus. And, of course, having an archery competition. They can't get sidelined by all their bickering.

They're Winchesters. Fighting has never stopped them from being able to accomplish a task, and it sure as hell isn't going do that now.]

You're right. 'Cause that [He points to the target] shows me you're about to lose.

[Close but no cigar, Sammy. That ain't a bullseye, which means you better hurry up and improve or you're about to lose.]

Go get your arrows. We're doing this now.
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[That kind of attitude isn't going to get you very far, Sammy.

Dean waves his hand, indicating the target.]

Pissy little brothers get to go first.
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[Dean gives Sam a little smirk upon seeing that. Not bad, no, but still not good enough. While Dean isn't an expert at archery quite yet, he worked with Jenny to perfect his form — and he's pretty confident that he can beat that. Granted, his fingers are a little blistered from all the practice and he hasn't been without his crappy shots, but Dean's nothing if not a quick learner when it comes to using weapons.

He takes Sam's place to ensure that he's the same distance away, lining up the shot and pulling an arrow back to his mouth. He closes one eye, tries to gauge the wind, and then releases.

It's a nice, fast shot. Not a true bullseye, but it hits the right on the line.

He turns to Sam and raises his eyebrows.]

Better up your game.
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[On one hand, this is exactly what Dean wanted out of making Sam participate in this competition now — to get him out of that bad mood and into feeling like things are more or less back to normal, despite their text message exchange a few days prior.

On the other, he can't help but feel a little miffed by that shot. Just a little, though — and it's still in good humor.]

Lucky shot.

[Regardless, though, it is a good shot, and Dean smiles a little as he says it. He gathers another arrow, aims, and releases. This one his the bullseye, too, but it's still on the line, toward the top this time, and not quite the seamless center shot he wants it to be.]

Damn wind.

[He may have overcompensated a little too much, taking that into account.]
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[Look who's changing his tune now. Dean grins briefly before getting serious again and prepping another arrow. He gives himself an extra few seconds of hesitation this time before letting the arrow go — and it pays off. Dead center.]

Unless you can knock my arrow out again, I think it's safe to say I'm gonna win this.
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Son of a bitch.

[A low mumble, this time with less enthusiasm, because Sam has a point — moving targets are harder. Still though...]

You can't just make up rules as you go.

[They weren't even up to moving targets yet, for one, and for two, you gotta say that shit before you go shooting things down.

But the comment mostly stems from annoyance because Dean definitely had this in the bag before Sam took that shot.

Dean walks over to see what Sam killed and —]

What the hell is that? Can we even eat it?
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[Dean makes a face. Don't get him wrong, he enjoys eating, and he's taken a kind of domestic pleasure in trying out the different animals around the city — although he'd never admit it — but eating a hybrid like that just seems a little wrong. Do you prep it like chicken or like fish? Will it taste like one or the other — or both?]

We'll bring it back with us. Couldn't hurt.


Meanwhile, Dean looks up.]

Now I gotta find a bird or something and show you up.

[Since someone decided it was time to move on to moving targets.]
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No way. Who do I look like, Rachael Ray?

[He isn't taking that wager, and besides, he wants to earn his win the right way. Not by taking an out like that.

But he's glad to see that this is working and Sam's no longer pissy.

He catches movement up ahead, and readies his bow, waiting.]
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[Am not.]

Are you serious?

[Dean breaks his attention away from his target long enough to toss Sam a look, brows knitting together.]

Dude you're the one who shot that birdshark.
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Birdark? Really?

[He focuses back on the shot, takes it, and sends his prey falling. It's a good shot, right through the chest of the animal, but as he walks over to where it fell, Dean sees that it's...]

Just a regular bird.

[Somehow this seems not as impressive.

Damn it.]