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[Sam just flat out ignores him, too engrossed in the task of pushing things to the side, knocking books over because those don't break, whatever, not important — he sees red, and his hands are vibrating with it and maybe a little something more hurt, because if that's true — demons lie. They lie, and Crowley could just be saying that to piss him off. There's no proof she's gone. There's none. But then he rewinds through that conversation and knows what Crowley's capable of.

He talks to himself, quick and bitter and confused.]

How did he know — how

[How did he know about Sarah. How did he find her. Why her. Why can't he get one single break? Fucking hell, did she really have a kid? A normal life? Something worth holding onto? And it got fucking ruined by Samuel Winchester. Great. Mr. Cursed, Mr. Ladies Man, murdering anyone he bothers trying to love.

Well, fine, whatever. He can handle the misery. He deserves it. But they don't — Sarah and Jess sure didn't fucking deserve it, and he couldn't save Madison, couldn't help Amy, couldn't do anything but sit back — ]

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