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IC Contact.


"This is Sam -- just leave a message, I'll get back to you."

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[Dean has had the misfortune of encountering one of them, and he is well aware that they aren't pleasant if provoked. But...]

I think rabbits'll be the least of our problems out here.

[There's a hint of enthusiasm in his tone as he surveys the Wastes. Hunting just for the sake of hunting shouldn't be appealing - after all, their job is to save people, not kill aimlessly. But trapped as they are here, with monsters they can't hunt and an enemy they can't just go out and face, Dean feels an inner restlessness that is only growing as time passes. He just sucks at settling down and biding his time - something he has already established once before. At least in Purgatory, it was kill or be killed, a constant surge of adrenaline and movement. Here, it's live quietly and hunt down harmless fruit cows for food.

They can't go too far, at least not this first time out, and not if they don't want to deal with the time discrepancies that he heard about. But a little venturing should be enough, so Dean leads them outward, every so often glancing back at the Safezone to gauge their distance. The ground rumbles, and Dean notices some movement far ahead as the Wastes shift yet again.

Something flies overhead. Dean looks up.]

...the hell is -

[There's a loud, disorienting cry, and Dean finds himself stumbling over his next steps. The creature cries out again, and Dean clamps his hands over his ears, whipping around as he does so to check on Sam.]
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[There's a lull — while the creature is flying around, Dean drops his hands and looks up at it, gauging whether or not it's going to be swooping back around. It seems likely, but they don't have anything that they can use to take it down unless they waste bullets — something neither of them want to do. So it means that they'll have to wait for it to pass.

He joins Sam at the rock, taking up the spot next to him.

And sure enough, it starts to fly back around.]

Cover your ears —

[He quickly puts Ruby's knife back on his person so that both hands are free, and then that shriek sounds again — far away, but still loud enough to reach them. Dean's knees buckle and he presses his hands to his ears, but a second too late — finding himself feeling lightheaded and unsteady.]
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[It takes Dean a moment to respond, disoriented as he is, but he manages a nod and, after another moment, he's able to speak.]

Yeah, I'm fine.

[No weird effects, but it definitely doesn't feel nice to be sent to his knees like that. He looks back up — the creature seems to be flying further away, maybe expanding its circle or migrating elsewhere. They're unseen, though, and that's what is most important. Dean isn't sure how they'd fair going up against something that can do that with just a screech.

He allows them another few minutes of hiding by the rock — just until he feels confident the thing isn't going to turn around on them again. Then he pulls away.]

All clear.

[And starts walking again, keeping the occasional eye on the sky.]
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[Yeah, yeah, warn the monsters about the monsters. He's knows your mission, although in a place like this there are probably more monsters than Sam'll ever be able to record in that book of his.

He follows Sam's stare upward. It looks clear. For now.]

We really need something with good range.

[Something that doesn't have limited ammo.]
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[A canon - sure. And unlimited ammo and a whole host of other things to which he and Sam don't have access. Might as well make a list.]

I'll see if I can get some supplies.

[He's been planning on trying his hand at the bartering system around here, anyway. See what he can get. Maybe he and Sam can learn the art of ancient weapon making, when they're not brainstorming a way to get at the Animus. Why the hell not.]

C'mon. Let's see if we can find something else.

[Because Dean's out here to hunt — something a little bit more attainable than that thing.]