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IC Contact.


"This is Sam -- just leave a message, I'll get back to you."

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[Yeah, yeah, warn the monsters about the monsters. He's knows your mission, although in a place like this there are probably more monsters than Sam'll ever be able to record in that book of his.

He follows Sam's stare upward. It looks clear. For now.]

We really need something with good range.

[Something that doesn't have limited ammo.]
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[A canon - sure. And unlimited ammo and a whole host of other things to which he and Sam don't have access. Might as well make a list.]

I'll see if I can get some supplies.

[He's been planning on trying his hand at the bartering system around here, anyway. See what he can get. Maybe he and Sam can learn the art of ancient weapon making, when they're not brainstorming a way to get at the Animus. Why the hell not.]

C'mon. Let's see if we can find something else.

[Because Dean's out here to hunt — something a little bit more attainable than that thing.]