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IC Contact.


"This is Sam -- just leave a message, I'll get back to you."

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[Though Dean missed out on some of the more crucial aspects of the conversation between Sam and Crowley, he saw enough. And that emotional call back? Yeah, it's time for a brief intervention. Dean gets it — Crowley is a piece of shit demon in serious need of being put down just like they put down his dog once, but they can't rush into anything, and Dean half-expects that Sam'll be gearing up to go. Without him.

Because let's face it, there are still some serious trust issues there that they haven't quite patched up.

So he seeks out Sam, finds him, and sees that he's looking for something.

Dean can guess what that something might be.]


[Serious time.]

Slow down.
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you in?
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we live with a bitch
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[Dean's had about a day to digest what Crowley told him, and he doesn't feel any better about it. He's basically been sitting at the same conclusion that he reached after Crowley hung up on him. That he and Sam need to talk — they need to come up with a better game plan regarding the trials — something that isn't just get back, figure out the problem, and do what we need to do to fix it, because it's not as simple as that, now that Dean has a general idea of what happens.

Not if it's going to hurt Sam. And not if it's going to get them hunted, because they screw up so badly.

They need more information so they can avoid screwing up in the event that they do get out of here with their memories in tact. Dean has a couple of ideas about how to get that information, but they both involve Crowley. One is coercion, which is kind of dangerous considering Crowley's army of hellhounds, and the other is actually trying to be nice about it — but Crowley is pissed about his situation, so Dean figures that won't really fly. Besides, the bastard will probably try and make a deal or overly complicate a simple arrangement — and really, Dean doesn't want to go down that path. At all.

But for now, first thing is first. Telling Sam about what Crowley said, and getting on the same page about these trials.

Dean finds Sam in his room. He doesn't wait for an invitation — just strolls in.]


[Before taking a seat and launching into the discussion, though, Dean takes out Ruby's knife and holds it out to Sam.]

Here. I found something else, so you can have it back.

[Because you need more weapons, Sammy. While Ruby's knife is handy and good for killing demons, Dean wants to carry around something that he can use to take off a head in one swing — something like his Purgatory blade. And Jenny gave him something that's probably as close as he's going to get. It makes him feel a little more comfortable, even if he hasn't really had need to gank anything yet.]
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[ Sometime after their rocky start, Sam will find a slightly crumpled piece of paper folded up outside the temple with his name written on it.

When he opens it, this is what he will find:

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get your ass back here

[Normally, after the conversation that they had, Dean wouldn't be so eager to talk to Sam, but this is more important than their argument and the shit that Sam said to him. This is about a hunt, and Dean's not going to let that pass by without taking on the job.]
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[Offline] | Backdated to 9/21

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[Dean has spent the morning in his room. He may have given Sam crap about his hobbies, but Dean's found a couple of his own that have kept him busy. He's very much a doer, and can't stand to sit around useless. There's only so much research he can stomach, and sitting around twiddling his thumbs while he waits for the opportunity to get out of this place lost its appeal a long time ago.

Messing with that car he found, just to see what he can manage, has occupied him a little — but more importantly, he's also been working on putting together some weapons, thanks to the tools he acquired and the supplies Jenny gave him. He's made a basic bow already, and Jenny helped him out with a crossbow, too, on which he's finally putting some finishing touches. He and Sam will both be able to do some decent long-range damage with these, once he gets some arrows made — which will be good for hunting and self defense.

The table in his room has become a work area of sorts, and that's where he leaves everything when he decides to emerge for lunch, deciding to see if Sam's around to join him. He goes to his room — and sure enough, there's Sam, napping with that smelly dog of his, all curled up together in bed in a way that makes Dean shake his head. He considers leaving Sam, since he needs rest with that sickness of his, but decides instead to just wake him. Eating is just as important as sleeping, after all, and Dean knows Sam's not a big eater as it is.

He enters the room and walks over to the bed. Riot raises his head at him, but Dean ignores him.]


[He says it without trying to stir Sam at first, but after a moment Dean gives his shoulder a light shake.]

Time for lunch. Get your ass up.
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[almost a week has gone by since her failed expedition with Castiel, and so it's time for Vriska to come a-pokin']

Would you really have helped me that time?
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[Text] | Backdated to Monday, Oct 7.

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[After the unfortunate encounter with someone who looked and sounded like Azazel, Dean has a stab wound that he needs to get stitched. He tried to do it himself, but the angle is too awkward for him to do a decent job of it. Since it isn't serious enough to bother Cas, Dean decides to text Sam.]

you busy?
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[Action] | Backdated to October 13th

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[Dean can tell that Sam is still upset — thanks to the way he's been keeping their interaction to a minimum since the event ended. Truth be told, Dean doesn't mind the extra space. The event was pretty rough for him, between getting stabbed a couple of times and seeing people and demons from Winchester past showing up left and right.

It isn't as easy for him and Sam to set their disagreements to the side here in Adstringendum as it was back home. Back there, they were often put in a position where they had no choice but to communicate for the job — and because they were stuck in a vehicle so much of the time. Here, there's nothing forcing them to communicate beyond bare necessity, which means that Dean has to put an end to this himself.

He heads out of the Temple in search of Sam, planning to hit up some of Sam's main haunts. He finds him pretty quickly, though, not too far from the building, with a nice little area of paper targets with drawn-on bullseyes set up for bow practice. He watches for a moment, assessing Sam's form, and then he walks up to him.

Dean doesn't even acknowledge that things have been a little rocky — just jumps right in like it's business as usual.]

Nice shot, Legolas.

[Get it — 'cause your hair is kind of long and you're using a bow.]

It almost looks like you have a chance at beating me.
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[Castiel is oblivious to a lot of social interaction, but he isn't that clueless; certainly not enough to miss the tension between two of the people he is most attuned to the moods of.

He's hesitated to mention it, but it's insufferable, and it's concerning as well; whenever they get like this it's usually because someone is hiding something or did something seriously stupid, and whichever it is Castiel wants to know. He's guessing it has to do with the conversations with Crowley, which is just more worrying.

He decides, finally, to seek out Sam instead of Dean, as he thinks he's more likely to get an answer from him. When he finds him, he frowns seriously at his friend for a few moments before just getting to the point.]

Are you angry with Dean?
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[ attached file(s): IMG_0897.jpg, IMG_0913.jpg, IMG_1001.jpg. ]

[ 0897 is an image of a Bugbear in the midst of turning something into salt; 0913 is a Katamari the size of the average motorcycle rolling up a Tonberry; 1001 is the most impressive - a close shot of a juvenile unicorn, coat still relatively golden, being fed a candy. ]
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text; forwarded

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Keep awyay if your bad luck ok????
I wanan get laaaaid!!!
By mr cuuuutebutttt!
Boyfrend ♡♡♡♡
Dont wnat you to set him on fire or soethgin

Hopfully right # this time!!!!!
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[ voice ]

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What do you do when you need to stay awake?
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[ There's a sense of urgency in her voice when she speaks. ]

Sam. If you've seen the new list, you know, but please. Stay inside the Temple. Stay safe.

[ Because there's several people here who will participate in this -- several people who don't like Sam or Dean, no less -- and she knows it. ]
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Do you know what's wrong with Dean?
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[Text] | Late Thursday, after being dismembered and drowned by Urahara

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i escape once and you give up and send someone else to do your job for you

make sure you ask urahara how much it reminded me of hell
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[Voice] | Just after midnight Friday morning

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Sam, you need to leave the hanging gardens. I can send you coordinates for somewhere else to go, or take you there myself.

[Also hey bro, hope you're not dead after not seeing you for a day.]
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I suggest you leave the new demon resident Karasu alone. He kills through making things into bombs out of thin air and has no problem making people his bombs.

Looks human. Long black hair. Keeps his lower face masked.

[He pauses briefly.]

I've left a message for Dean saying the same thing.
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Hey Sam, could I borrow you friday? I want to have a chat, but not over the PCDs. I don't think I'll be able to get out until then though since I'm still somewhat sick.
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So, uh.

Does whatever's happened to Dean have something to do with the fact that he tried to make a pass at me?

[ She's genuinely curious. ... But mostly just creeped out. ]
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Who took my soul?

[Because Cas isn't spilling, and if Cas knows, Sam must know.]
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voice/immediately after Gadreel's post

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Sam, we need to talk immediately. In person. It's important.
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video || sometime february || I hope this is fine.

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Hey Sam, how are you holding up?

[ checking up on someone is a good idea. Ishtar was trying her best to do that with her currently new healing task. It's at least helping her get better at this and Raphael isn't nagging her endlessly to get better but she's genuinely concerned and periodically checks up on him when he gets the chance. ]

Do you want me to go ahead and make another stop today? It seems like it might be doing something. I'm not sure.

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