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Meme Threads

 Blue Skies —  AU following Season 5. Sam comes back from Hell, traumatized and confused. Dean tries to help as best he can. Only time will tell how that all turns out. Warnings for mentions of torture (sometimes a little graphic), implications of non-con/sexual assault, trauma in general, mentions of alcoholism problems. May have more warnings depending.

Trafficking — AU at the start of Season 5. Jo and Sam get caught up in a slave ring. It's not pretty. Turns out being forced to fuck your friends and hurt innocent people is a lot to fucking handle. WARNINGS: Lots of graphic non-con, dub-con, violence, lack of agency, adult themes, possible other warnings that will be updated here.

Apocalypse Now — Post-Season 9. Dean lost a leg, Sam is losing his eyes, and the angels are destroying everything until there's nothing left. Warnings for gore, death, violence, and so on.

Little Green Men — End!verse. It's the end, or at least it's suppoded to be, but Sam rips the Devil apart and comes back.Dean's a surly asshole who isn't sure what to so anymore, Cas is a druggie ex-angel trying to help out, and Sam is mostly mentally fucked from burning up his own brain and soul. Also, Chuck will probably still be hunting for toilet paper. Warnings for mental illness, drug use, adult themes, topics of suicidal ideation, and violence.

Between Smoke and Burns (and Everything Else)  —  AU of Pilot. Sam "dies" in the fire instead of Jess. She and Dean don't expect to find him alive - and mind-washed into being the king of the demons, a willing future vessel for Satan. He just needs a little glue and tape. Warnings for drug addiction, violence, mental issues, graphic consensual sex, and mentions of dubious sex.

Cabin in the Woods — AU of S6, crossover-ish thing with One Piece. Nami finds a post-hell trauma Sam wandering around her cabin.

SPN Thread Bucket List

Runaways AU - John's way too much like Max's dad; who says hunters are always heroes? Young Dean runs away with a young Sam to escape a father who blames his youngest for his wife's death and tries to make the other a perfect little soldier.

Hunter!Sam and Normal!Dean AU - A run-off of the above, featuring bastard!John AU. In order to give Dean a better chance at life, John makes him move into a new home. Meanwhile, he keeps Sam around and makes him into a hunter, and isn't exactly the World's Nicest Guy about it. Cue a normal Dean and a socially impaired, cold younger brother with a short fuse and a spiteful approach to life. But hey, at least a reunion means Dean can try to normalize the kid, no?

Slave!Dean AU - Dean is bought from a popular slave ring by John to help protect his youngest after Mary dies and help on hunts. As it turns out, this probably won't be a whole lot different from canon, let's face it.

Alternate Timelines Sam AU - Totally was gonna right this as a fanfic, but - Sam dies and Dean can't get him back. So an angel allows him to find one Sam from an alternate timeline and bring him back home with him. Of course, Dean can't exactly leave the sad young Sammy behind who is neglected by Asshole!Dean and Bastard!John, so... well, he's got a kid in the bunker now. Wouldn't be nearly so miserable if Sam didn't - uh, y'know. Hate him. This is gonna be tough.

Daddy!Sam AU - THINGS ARE NICE OR WHATEVER but look this is just me wanting to play papa Sam, sue me.