Aug. 19th, 2017 08:09 pm
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Who: First Breath Crew and Visitors
Broadcast: n/a
Action: First Breath
When: Mingle for August

[What's going on with all of you First Breath-ers? Has it been a good month? A terrible month? Or perhaps you're visiting a First Breath-er. Either way, here is a First Breath mingle post for all your First Breath mingle needs!]

001 | the welcome wagon job

Aug. 19th, 2017 09:57 am
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Who: Parker and you!
Broadcast: nope!
Action: all over the place
When: from now until forever drift week


[ she barely skimmed the surface of the first ship that held her - and not for lack of trying, which is simultaneously frustrating and exhilarating (she chooses to focus on the latter) - when poof, like magic she's standing somewhere else.

magic's not real though. right? is it? is it?

if hardison can find her here, he really is the best, and he really did look hard. she's not counting on it.

she's at the ready the second her feet touch down on the bridge. she's unarmed - to her chagrin - but it's okay. she may not be a hitter, but she doesn't need a weapon to be dangerous. the confetti confuses but doesn't faze her. if there happens to be a person there, on the other hand, and they get too close, they'll find themselves pushed against the wall with surprising strength, forearm digging into their neck ]

How'd you do that?

[ whos and whys are so overrated, really.

if no one is there when she arrives, however, she'll be eating that chocolatey dessert (you snooze you lose!) and making her way through the ship, mapping it in her mind, feet not making a sound on the floor. when she hears people approach, she'll try to hide - did the ceiling always have a blond woman clinging to it? ]

A ship! Any ship!

[ like she's going to just stay where they want her! there's a situation. that situation must be dealt with. the first thing she needs is a safe house, and she's going to be looking for one in every single ship (ideally, she'd like to have one on each). don't mind the stranger silently creeping on your ship, listening to walls, touching panels, trying to find a space to crawl into, and retreating into what cover there is at every approach. happens every day, right?

oh, and if you got something especially valuable lying around, sorry, she's pocketing it. look, she doesn't know you earn money just by existing here, okay, and she's not willing to count on it either, if she's been informed by now. a girl has got to eat! ]


[ parker doesn't stay put for long. she takes the shuttle on as fast a ride as it can handle and eventually ends up touching down on kayann. wandering around, she helps herself to essentials everywhere she goes; a snack here, a taser there, ooh cool a skydiver kit! her hands grab things so quickly and smoothly no one seems to know where they've gone - or, in most cases, notice it until she's far away. you have to be looking right at her hands or know what you're looking for to understand what happened and she's already on her way. best be quick!

she perches on a private spot, high above the city, to eat some of her loot (if people don't pick up their meal order promptly, how is that her fault? gosh! it's not like she poisoned it and left it for them to consume!).

there's a reality and it must be dealt with. she needs to get to know the place she's ended up in; survival first, exit strategy second. that sure is a pretty blond woman you can see climbing the side of the building, or you've run into in an air duct, or, alternatively, you've found puzzling over which plant to buy. yes, buy. food, clothes, equipment, a weapon - they're survival necessities, they tramp morals. but a luxury, even one she doesn't fully understand (nor does she grasp why the store beckoned to her so, why she feels the need to get a plant when there's not a leverage consolidated and associates office to put it in, when she has no desire to stay here in this place she didn't choose to go to - those days were meant to have ended a long time ago! but she's not overthinking it. it did, so she went in.), that, she's learned she should pay for or leave behind. unless, of course, it's owned by a bad guy. she peeks at the guy behind the register. he does look a little shifty, doesn't he? ]

[video] neon burning up above

Aug. 18th, 2017 08:36 pm
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Who: Asuka and you
Broadcast: Yes.
Action: On Kayann
When: Mid-afternoon to early evening on August 18

[Lo and behold, a grimacing redhead with an eyepatch has her face a little too close to her device. Maybe because it's been awhile since she's used it; maybe because, as usual, she's perturbed. Asuka does pull it back, though, starting to try and pan around at the slew of people around her, although, unfortunately, a brief flash of her shirt (bright crimson, with "FLOOT LOOPS" in bold white lettering across her chest) still manages to make itself known.]

Look at this crowd. Don't any of you work? [From the cacophony of background noise, and the way all the people around seem to be either in line or milling about, it's pretty obvious she's found her way to one of the amusement parks.] I've been in line for half an hour. Even the food here has some stupid Fast Pass system.

[And now she's raising her device towards one of the dozens of glittery advertisements. This one bears an alien-looking mascot and stylized cursive: SUPER ALP-LAND, and beneath it sponsored by alp industries and associates.]

Don't waste your time here. If you know of someplace that's any better, go ahead and tell me. I'm sick of all these people everywhere.

(no subject)

Aug. 19th, 2017 10:49 am
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Who: Vash the birthday boy
Broadcast: Yes
Action: Twin Roses
When: August 18th

[The crew of the Twin Roses may wonder why one of their captains has been sitting in the cargo area for the last day with a fire extinguisher nearby.

Unless they heard about what happened on the Three Twins last year. Then they might understand why.

Vash waited. Just in case. Ready.

His wait paid off! As suddenly there is a sponsor drop of 135 donut shaped balloons that all read in big, bright, and colourful letters HAPPY 135TH BIRTHDAY!

They gently float and bob happily around as they attempt to escape onto the rest of the ship.]

Oh NO you don't! [This is of course when Vash communicator decides to turn itself on. Silly malfunctioning thing! It shows nothing but a sea of balloons and the occasional POP! as Vash uses the knife hidden in his boot to pop them all one by one.

Hopefully no one opens the cargo bay door to unleash the sea into the rest of the ship!

Also in the crate is a "gift" 135 small packages of colourful sand art kits. Because what man who spent over 130 years on a desert would want more then brightly coloured sand?]

Anyone want some free dirt? [Will be the offer he makes after the balloons were all destroyed and the evidence tossed.]


Aug. 18th, 2017 03:22 pm
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New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship, passengers!

Parker → SS Bishop


Nicholas D. Wolfwood = SS Huntress → SS Twin Roses



Current Crew Roster

+1 thief

Aug. 18th, 2017 05:57 pm
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HI FLEETERS! I'm Lyan, I used to hang around these parts with a nerdy loser with a punny name. I'm so excited to be back here! There's no place like home <3

This time, I bring you something different~ Parker from Leverage (end of season 1, if you're familiar). She's a thief (but she mostly uses her powers for good now!) with little to no social skills or tact, and about as much impulse control.

She's got a Pilot Augment and used to be a getaway driver, so whichever ship she ends up in - I recommend stocking up on antiemetics...

If you wanna plot or chat or whatever, feel free to add me on [ profile] lyan142 o/

Floot Loops

Aug. 16th, 2017 09:46 pm
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Who: Jack Sparrow and Anyone
Broadcast: Yes, unfortunately.
Action: It COULD lead to action on Kayann, which is where Jack is at the moment. It's much better than being stuck on the Bishop with Looma and mean people who hate Jenga. (Looking at YOU, Pidge Gunderson.)
When: Later in the evening of the 16th.

"New fruity floot loops
Slooping in a groovy suit
Gloop 'em in a new boot
Or sling 'em in a pie.

Rooty-tooty floot loops
Drooping in a blue soup
Mooping in some newt poop!
Floot Loops til we die!"

[It's a poem. Jack wrote it. And now he's reciting it over and over again. To you.]

[voice/action] comas are fun?????

Aug. 14th, 2017 10:29 pm
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Who: Doudanuki & All Y'all
Broadcast: Yes
Action: On the Caprine
When: August 14th, aka right now

Action: Caprine

[Anyone on the Caprine can probably hear when Doudanuki wakes up because he does so by yelling loudly as he jumps out of bed. He can't remember the last time he was awake and that concerns him - a lot.

So fellow Capriners will probably hear him as he thunders around checking on people or trying to figure out why the hell he was unconscious for an entire month. How he greets them depends on whether he knows them yet or not:

For new characters to the Caprine since June

...And who're you supposed to be?

[For characters he knows already]

Hey. What the hell happened to everyone?

Voice: Network
[Later, after he realizes that comas are just things that happen because why not? This place is insane enough already.

And then he's at the comms station and notices something weird.

What happened to that other ship? What the hell did you guys do while I was asleep??

Video; Who's gonna be your dream?

Aug. 14th, 2017 12:01 am
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Who: Crowley and You!!!
Broadcast: Network wide
Action: Goldstone
When: Right now!

[The feed opens to Crowley, looking exceptionally smug with himself. That is the first sign that he's been up to something, honestly. He's spent the vast majority of the last few weeks bouncing between being absolutely plastered and working on a project.]

Hello people. Some of you might have noticed we have an interesting selection of games on our lovely network [he clicks a button and oh look, it's an annoying popup on your screen. Did the network have popups before? Doesn't matter, it does now] you have me to thank for that. I appreciate thanks in alcohol and gaudy jewellery for Felix.

Anyway, I decided to create a special little new something for you people. Seen as there's all sorts of relationship drama going on in the Fleet, I thought something like this might purge your systems of it a little bit. Worth a shot, right?

[Another annoying popup, this one announcing a game called Space Sweeties - and those from a certain point in time might recognise it as one of those ridiculous text dating simulator games. There's a selection of different beings, male, female and other - all prime for your date-sona to romance them in their space station. It's ridiculous and tacky as hell- multiple secret endings and complex puzzles galore. Like all of the games Crowley bring to the network, it's a massive time sink.

This is what happens when Allen leaves. Crowley does questionable things.

You're welcome! Enjoy yourselves. I'm curious to see who will manage to get the good end for Raynelex the Third from the planet Betamax. Do let me know if you find it.

[[ooc: Feel free to make up ANY characters within the game, be creative, have fun!]]

A little note + meme

Aug. 12th, 2017 09:36 pm
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Hello fleeters! Not to spam the community, I hope you don't mind me using this one same post for two very different things.

ONE. Sorry for the delay, but the info document has been updated! For the new people (or the oldies that need the refreshing): this is a document that all characters have been working on together since the heist, putting together all the information on Atroma as they find it. ICly, there's a physical copy of this document in the SS Iskaulit, with a chip stuck inside that contains a digital one. To be exact, it is hidden in the lecture hall, behind a fake piece of metal on the floor. Some characters have copies too! You can handwave your character being told about it, just remember it's by word of mouth, they don't talk about it in the network. They're free to create their own copies as well, please add them to the list at the beginning of the document. And remember, we're using googledocs because everyone in game is free to edit and add info whenever they want. #teamwork



1. Post with your character/s.

2. In your comment, have your character ask a question. Would you rather ________ or _________, where the blanks are anything your character would like to know from anyone who might respond. Maybe they're asking out of curiosity. Maybe they have a dilemma of their own. Who knows.

3. Respond to other characters, whatever catches your own character's interest or whatever they'd like to talk about. Maybe they can't decide between the two. Maybe it's an easy answer. Maybe they think the question sucks. Discuss. Chat. Take turns.

4. Threadjacking to laugh at and judge others is encouraged.

5. Profit!

006 | Video

Aug. 12th, 2017 11:18 am
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Who: Kai Gracen and Open
Broadcast: Yes
Action: On the Caprine
When: Now


[ Kai’s been…out of it for a while, out of sight and mind in a coma. He’s showered and changed his clothing at least, gotten rid of the layer of dust, but he still looks like he hasn’t had a sufficient amount of coffee for the current day. ]

At least I don’t have any new memories or scars this time around.

Though I guess that means I’m a little short on stories.

[ Not really, since he’d been around for calibrations. Still those were hardly all pleasant, though some of them — like how he got his cat, Newt, were nice enough. ]

Do people have pets here? How’d you get them? [ He remembers Daenerys’ dragon, when he’d first started. ] …Besides the pet rocks. Those are dumb.
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Who: Wolfwood and you!
Broadcast: none
Action: Getting used to space, still on the Marsiva, and later on the Huntress.
When: 8/11 and until the shuffle, and then on the Huntress 8/12
First )
Later )
And on the Huntress )

Total Eclipse of the Tourist

Aug. 11th, 2017 08:05 pm
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Who: Touristos and friends
Broadcast: as needed
Action: Tourist/wherever friends are found
When: August

[ One may have noticed the mood around The Universe's Most Hospitable Ship has been somber and quiet as of late, despite the super swank new system. Feel free to drop by unannounced, call in, or just drop a line! ]

What would you do for a shuffle?

Aug. 11th, 2017 12:07 pm
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New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship, passengers!

Jon Snow → SS Caprine
Nicholas D. Wolfwood → SS Huntress
Eleven → SS Vanquish





Current Crew Roster

+1 monster child

Aug. 11th, 2017 04:16 pm
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hello everyone! My name is Adi, I play that moron captain America and this is my second character. This is Eleven from the show Stranger Things. Eleven is a rather powerful child, connected to dark dimensions and monsters. however, worry not, you won't have to stumble upon those unless you want to!

She's a bit odd, not entirely social but she has a rather endearing sense of humor. She's coming from episode 6, where she just snapped a boy's arm broken :')

If you want to plot with me you're welcome to add me at [ profile] ladylike.


Aug. 11th, 2017 12:04 am
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Who: Jon Snow & Open
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: N/A
When: 8/11

[The shouts of the Northern men was still ringing in his ears as he opened his eyes, the quiet of the ship piercing through him. The familiar stones of Wintefell were replaced by steel and machinery he didn't recognize but for some reason least in passing. Space, ships and other information he had never considered before were fresh in his mind. The darkness beyond the windows was not so mysterious or strange, though it still filled him with the same awe he felt when he stood atop the Wall for the first time.

It took time for his current imprisonment and state to at least hit him, the shock slowly wearing off the longer he sat in silence. After a few hours, he felt ready to turn to the network for the answers he wouldn't find on the Marsiva.]

My name is Jon Snow.

[There seemed little reason to ask about escape, as it seemed there were so many still here. If they could leave by their own will, they would have by now.]

Who are the men that have captured us? Are they taking us somewhere in particular or is this holding cell meant to travel without destination?

+1 King in the North

Aug. 10th, 2017 11:06 pm
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Hello all! I'm Rachel and I am a returning player. I just couldn't stay away! For those who don't know him, this is Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. He's the bastard of Winterfell, recently named King after the battle to reclaim his family's keep. He's being pulled from the end of Season 6, about to face a coming war against the dead, now going to be a reality star. He'll be so pleased.

Feel free to add me on plurk: [ profile] la_fille_en_histoire I'm up for plotting or anything else!

Add a dash of salty priest

Aug. 10th, 2017 09:55 pm
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 Hi! I'm Sage! I'm here with one Wolfwood from Trigun! Wolfwood's a guy who's a little rough around the edges (read: a lot), and just got out of a stint of death by way of magical transportation to the fleet! He's pretty sociable, and will be glad to be a helping hand or to lend an ear if you need. He's also pretty good with firearms. 

I'm happy to be here, and excited to get started! If you need to get a hold of me, I'm Curiouslyhigh on Skype, and Curiously High#0126 on Discord.

I'm looking forward to playing with all of you wonderful people! 


Aug. 10th, 2017 08:42 pm
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Who: Jayden ([personal profile] stormfist), Ochako ([personal profile] willynilly), Fie ([personal profile] sylphid), and Aizawa ([personal profile] expellerhead)
Broadcast: Nope.
Action: YEP - planeside! in a car!!!
When: a little while after Ochako's post asking for driving lessons

[ This started as Jayden answering Ochako's request for a driving instructor. And, you know, someone to help her get out of her upside-down vehicle. Bless. And it was going rather well! They went through some basics, got out of the parking lot and onto the road - a less busy road, of course.

And then, apparently, they picked up another kid! And a... slug?? Well, okay? But Jayden stuck to her teaching efforts even with the sudden addition of a backseat passenger. It... of course got derailed a little bit here and there, thanks to conversations, and shenanigans, and is that another pet oh my god what?? But hey! No big deal! Things are still rolling! Everything's okay! It's fine. This is fine. This... could be worse. Right? Right.

Oh boy.

Long story short, there is A Lot going on in this car right now, none of which Jayden was prepared for. But she's managing to keep her cool. For now. Lord knows she's just a few seconds away from pulling out her communicator and calling up Aizawa though. She might need some backup here...

At least Ochako's driving well enough! Jayden does verbally correct her on a few things here and there, and God bless the on-board computer for helping out if anything needs substantial correcting. Technology is great, when it's not turning you upside down and backwards for some unknown reason.

.... They're going to end up upside down and backwards for some unknown reason, aren't they? ]