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Rose is Horrible and So Am I: The Series

Slave Meme Thread / Part Two (in progress) — Sam and Dean are sold as sex slaves. It changes literally everything.
Warnings for sexual assault, non-con, substance abuse (alcoholism), eating disorders/problems, self-harm, gore, and all around sensitive subject matter that is just horrible and I don't know it's all just really painful.

Last Words Meme (completed) — They're both fucked, Sam has an infection, and they wait to die.
Warnings for death and dark themes, mostly.

Ten Years Later Meme (incomplete/vaulted) — Ten years later, Sam has a bad leg and a daughter, and Dean considers retiring from the life. And then things go pretty south pretty quick.
Warnings for mentions of child abuse, violence, mildly dark themes.

Amnesia Meme (incomplete/vaulted) — After the Leviathans, Sam and Dean forget everything. Lucky for them, they ran back into each other.
Warnings for violence, mentions of dark themes and sexual situations, a mild bit of psychotic breakdown / mentions of it. Dean's potty mouth.

The Broken Meme (in progress) — Dean was possessed by Abaddon, and things will never be right again for either of the boys.
Warnings for self-harm, mental illness, substance abuse, lack of agency themes, and suicidal thoughts, mental breakdowns.

Little Sam Thread (incomplete/vaulted) — Sam regressed to a newborn, and there's no cure. Luckily, Dean's trying his hand at being a decent father-brother.
Warnings for mentions of darker themes, probably kid-in-serious-situations moments in there.

Ghosts are Bad (Good?) News (in progress/vaulted) — Sam's dead. He's a ghost, too. This bodes well (except not).
Warnings for death, sensitive topics, gore/violence, Sam's ghostly moose hair.

Separated Brothers (in progress) — Sam was taken by Azazel when he was very little. Now he's a blood-fueled little soldier-in-training who happens to get taken in by a pair of Winchesters looking for answers. It ends both wonderfully and poorly, depending on how you want to look at it. Weechesters; Sam's 11-ish and Dean's 15-ish. 
Warnings for torture, demon stuff, substance addiction, violence/gore, child abuse and attempted sexual abuse of a minor, it's a pretty dark world here.

The Human Trafficking Meme (in progress) — Sam and Dean are kidnapped and taken as slaves, used for just about everything around the household. The only thing keeping them sane is each other, really.
Warnings for possibly graphic non-con, sexual situations, torture, physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, slavery.

This is The End (in progress) — Sam never says yes to the devil and becomes a quasi-suicidal repenting wanderer, and Dean loses most of his humanity and his love for life. And then they reunite, and it's mostly just pain and misery. 
Warnings for non-permanent death, suicidal ideation, violence, gore, and a dark verse altogether.