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Canon: Supernatural
Character: Sam Winchester
Timeline: Post-8x14, after Sam convinces Dean to let him take the trials and he completes the first.

Personality: Sam Winchester is a pretty complicated guy, probably because over the span of eight seasons he pretty drastically evolves from the naive, doe-eyed kid with a rebellious streak and a thirst for vengeance. It's kind of difficult keeping it short, because he's been through so many phases and has expanded and grown; from a self-righteous, power-addicted junkie who wants to disprove his destiny to a broken down, borderline crazy man struggling to hang on to a cause, he's fluctuated and eventually, after all that crazy, we get to season 8. The first thing most people would notice about Sam, in any one season, is that he's usually a very well-mannered and even gentle-spoken man, mostly around people he's not entirely intimate with. He's grown up polite and quiet, and it still holds true, just like his role of 'observer' holds true. Even as a child (this is commented on in John's unofficial canon journal; I figure some portions are alright to include as canon, as long as they don't cause canon discrepancies), Sam's always seemed to be silently interested in the world, asking questions that often carry plenty of gravity when he's not in the background, soaking in whatever knowledge he can get. Sam's also highly smart, both with books and with the streets; he's able to pick locks, steal cars, and basically support himself without a dime to his name, like the time he'd left to Stanford on his own. Likewise, he's "a walking encyclopedia of weirdness". The Winchesters can certainly pride themselves on ingenuity and cunning, even if they're totally goofy people sometimes. He's also particularly silver-tongued and can be manipulative and cunning, like in the episode with Prometheus (which is after his canon point, but still relevant) where he literally bullshits a god into turning on her father.

Sam's considered the more sympathetic one when it comes to survivors/victims of supernatural creatures, and has always been more willing to listen — even when the area is morally gray and it's hard to see a right and wrong, like the case with Amy and Lenore the vampire; his sympathy is a bit more cautious, even cold, nowadays towards monsters, though, due to the complete dicking-over the two hunters have gotten all these seasons later. He seems to shoulder a lot more hesitancy towards vampires, especially (his faith in Lenore ends poorly, his soulless self lets Dean turn into a vampire, they're nearly killed by the Alpha Vampire, and so on). Mostly, he is a lot more distrusting after so many years, regardless of being deemed "the nice one" by a lot of people.

Speaking of being nice, Sam is very nice! But while he can be supportive or go out of his way to protect people's interests (and lives), and while he's a gentle giant in some regards, it's important to not forget that whether he wanted it or not he's a hunter — and is ruthless when it's necessary. He's also a very angry person, or at least has a lot of anger bottled up inside him (he's not even sure why, sometimes); it's improved drastically from when he was darker and more revenge-driven in Season 4, especially after getting knocked around and broken down a few times, but he still has his bouts of anger or stubbornness. He has a dark side that is likewise ebbed by the end of Season 5, but it's very much still there and is a constant source of concern for Sam, who has always feared the 'evil' boiling down inside him. He's a genuinely good person and fights it tooth and nail, but the fact of the matter is to Sam, he's an "abomination" and "impure". By the time Season 8 rolls around, very few people tell it straight to his face that he's worth saving; that he's good, and that he can be good even after all the mistakes he's made (and trust me, he's made an ass-load). Perhaps people think it should be obvious, or that it doesn't cut deep when they remark it, but Sam? Takes things people say about him deep down into his heart. It festers there and it helps break down his sense of self-respect board by board, especially when Dean brings it to his attention. Castiel, his brother, Gordon, Lucifer — these are among the people who've intentionally or unintentionally made him feel like he's an unnatural thing. And without anyone telling him otherwise? He pretty much believes it. And when he feels guilty — which he does, a lot, by the time season 7 and 8 wraps up — it really just eats away at him. Where I'm pulling him now, he feels he's completely let Dean down and he needs to repent for how often he's fucked everything up for him. He takes the Trials to protect Dean and to try to make it up to him, because being self-sacrificial is about the only way Sam knows how to repay or repent, at this point in his damn life.

But that's the problem with Sam. He's a Winchester. He bottles everything up and doesn't speak up; used to, when he was younger, but time has made him anxious to really say much about himself at all. Likewise, the more socially outgoing kid from Stanford (who honestly wasn't as outgoing as most would think) shrunk away from society and became more privy to keeping his distance from relationships. Most of his romantic ones haven't exactly gone so well, let alone just about any emotional attachment to people. Everyone he loves tends to die. Before Season 8, he loses just about everyone, so forming new relationships is a little more difficult for him. During scenes with Charlie, Krissy, Garth, he tends to stand back while Dean re-integrates himself. I believe he wants to reconnect, but he's afraid of what that means. Because it didn't work out last time, and he ended up having a meltdown in the middle of a lab and fucked everything up.

Wait, what?

Alright, back up, and let's talk about Sam's mental status, since that's a pretty big thing to include in his personality section. Sam Winchester is a very resilient person — horrifically resilient, even — but he's also a pretty fucked-up guy in general. Ever since his brother died (maybe a little before that), Sam's dealt with very severe situations in his life that have beaten him down significantly. Season 5 was especially difficult and started a downward spiral, and while the show tends to miraculously skip over this a lot, it's important to point out: Sam was trapped in Hell for the equivalent of I believe 180+ years. Not only does Sam remember all of this later on, every single year of it, but he also remembers a year in which he soullessly and without moral hurt a lot of people, his brother included. On top of that, Sam's wall, which held out the memories at first? Was destroyed. And in the process, Sam suffered hallucinations of his time in Lucifer's Cage so badly that it almost kills him.

Cut to the end of Season 7. Sam's alone, thinking his brother and angel friend is dead. Bobby's dead. Jo and Ellen and Ash and Dad and Ruby and Jess and Mom and Samuel and — okay, everyone he's ever relied on emotionally for support is gone, on the cusp of nearly losing his mind to his memories of Hell. While the series doesn't very well chronical all this, Sam kind of has a meltdown and says that he 'just drove'. For three months, he just drove aimlessly in the Impala. In my opinion? He was suicidal, lost, and pretty much fucked over royally. This is where the important character growth for Season 8 comes in: Sam re-finds purpose. In a lot of the Seasons, he forces his purpose to be to get revenge, and eventually makes his purpose to dedicate his life to making up for his past mistakes. Season 7 gives him a bit of closure and he feels less guilty about the past, but then everything explodes and leaves that in shambles. Eventually, though, Sam hits a dog, and in a fit of panic over failing yet another 'person', he flips his goddamn lid.

Here he meets Amelia, and the two sort of work like buoys to bobble there in support for each other. Not exactly healthy, but it was a shit load more healthier than the Sam who was flinching at hallucinations in a psyche ward, or the one driving aimlessly who probably planned to drive himself off a cliff (in fact I'm downright sure of this; in one episode, he alludes to a case, asking Dean out of the blue if he thought the victim hoped 'he would burn up completely' when he crashed his car of a bridge). He remembers the taste of normalcy he used to love as a young college kid, and it reinvigorates him. The Sam of Season 8 thinks maybe there's hope, a 'light at the end of the tunnel', and he's ready to retire and be that normal guy again. He values it, daydreams of it, gets bitter thinking that it's gone again. Sam wants to be normal.

Oh Jesus, this is getting too long and I'm sure you have better things to do, like tags or browsing tumblr. Better try to wrap it up a little.

Sam is also bullheaded, as any Winchester is, and equally as determined once his mind is made up. But unlike his brother, he's usually more of a wet blanket and less likely to crack big grins, say politically incorrect things, or generally enjoy completely ridiculous stuff like soap operas or anything of that nature. Guess you could say he's the uncool guy at the party who hides in a corner or doesn't join in on circle time to laugh at jokes. If anything, he obliviously points out fallacies in the jokes and totally ruins everything. He's a sad little creature sometimes, because even though he's resilient, he's also had a lot of miserable things happen that certainly make someone more prone to sad dog faces. On the flipside, sometimes (less now than Seasons 1-4), Sam's self-righteous and often thinks he knows his shit and knows it well. A lot of this is taken from him after he realized what a colossal idiot and fuck-up he was post-Lucifer-freeing, but it's not exactly a personality trait that just altogether vanishes. And it's not always a particularly bad trait to have in a shitty predicament.

And while Sam is world-weary, he has a lot of hope, faith, and devotion. He's always been the one hoping for a good resolution, hoping that he could be saved, that good things will happen if they just keep goddamn trying. He has the hope that normalcy isn't some dream he had as a kid, and hopes that someday he and Dean and the people he's come to know can be happy for once. He hopes for the best — expects bad, a lot of it — but he fights for good things. He's aiming towards realizing that while he may not be a 100% normal joe, he might be able to find a middle ground. He's (unhealthily but still) trying to come to terms that he's a 'freak'. His faith is a bit shattered after how much his faith has dicked him over, but he has faith in people. He believes in people — most certainly believes in Dean and says as much. He's always been devoted to something in one way or another, and this devotion can lean towards unhealthy at times like Dean's does. He's willing to die for his friends, family; he's mentioned he'd die for Castiel, and he's very often shown he's willing to jump into a pit for all eternity to clean up his mistakes and save the people he gives a damn about. He offers up his soul to be tortured in Hell, if it saves Dean's. He faces his memories of Hell if only because he refuses to leave Dean to face Castiel on his own. And in the words of Bobby, he's at definitely more good than bad.

Too long, didn't read: He's guilty, brave, stubborn, self-righteous, smart, sometimes oblivious, selfish, selfless, practical, resourceful, arrogant, quiet, thoughtful, busted up, flexible, moosey, lanky, 'impure', empathetic, understanding, devoted, angry, hopeful, jealous, huffy, bitchy, careful, methodical, oblivious, and has drastically learned from the consequences of his past actions. He's not the snotty kid who strove to prove he was worthy and capable and able to escape the dangerous world of hunting. He's a grown-up — flawed and still growing and still sometimes a goddamn 5-year-old and sometimes annoying and impossible and stubborn, but still very much a grown-up now. Like Sarah Blake says, bless her heart.


This link talks about Sam up until Season 7.
This one covers up until the canon point I've pulled him from, and then some.

Abilities/Additional Notes: Sam's a 6'4"-5" hunter with really good reflexes, is pretty strong and can really take a beating, mentally and physically. He's well-versed in most weaponry, from cross bows to shotguns to combat knives, and has knowledge of hand-to-hand combat. Sam is capable of drinking demon blood to develop telekinetic exorcising powers (applying to demons) but this is something his character has grown past and honestly I can't see it ever popping up in the game unless through an event somehow. He's not interested and he's learned that it's a piss poor idea that he should have never went for. He's good at playing up a scene and pretending he's anybody but himself when interrogating people, but obviously he'll be more willing to just outright say who he is in a place like Adstring. He has a practical handgun mostly, for protection's sake, but he's very savvy on how to deal with a wide variety of supernatural creature (per his universe, of course). He also has a laptop that he loves dearly and he's a total net junkie (but RIP, never forget Season 1 laptop). He's done some pretty crazy stuff with the technology, too, like tracking Kevin's IP address convoluted-ly and systematically back to where he's been hiding out. Not Charlie Bradbury levels, but he's pretty good at it. Also is erasing credit card trails a skill? I'm totally putting it here anyway because Sam Winchester is totally a criminal x 10000.

First-Person Sample:


Alright. So — if I said this wasn't as crazy for me as it should be, I'd probably get a lot of people agreeing. A lot of you — [no scratch that] most of you seem pretty experienced when it comes to bad things getting thrown your way. In unorthodox ways. I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks for welcoming me to the club. My name's Sam, and if there's anything I can do to help out, I'd be more than willing; it's sort of a bad predicament for us all to be in, so anything helps, right?

And these Animus: what exactly do we know about them? I'm unfamiliar, but maybe if I had a little something to go off of...

[... This is totally not Sam Winchester trying to think up ways to salt and burn super tough ghostly aura people. No way. He's just saying.]

Actually, just about any history or information would be nice. I'm still kind of off from the 'crash landing' into another universe full of other universes.

[Which is... muy interesting.]

Third-Person Sample:

Sam hated trying to find something out of nothing; it wasn't unusual, in his extensive profession of dispelling or killing weird things that go bump in the night. Sure, more often than not they had rules or lore for a monster, but then there are those times where it's new, fresh, and he has no idea where to even begin. That's mostly when Bobby would come in. If he were still with them. Sam tries not to think too much about that, wound as fresh as it is — it was hard enough saying goodbye once, but twice? Yeah, it's a wound.

Anyway... he had no clue where to even begin, with this. Multiple universes, right? Everything just seems to get more and more crazy, the longer he's back in business; it's just too bad he's not really that shell-shocked over being hoisted to another world. Maybe he should be, but. He's not. Instead he just collects books, reads, and focuses on whatever crops up on the PCD Guide. There are so many people pulled from so many timeframes and places, and in a way it's something he really actually likes; one of these days he'll have to ask about it, about their stories and mythologies and creatures. For now, though, he has to bite his knuckle and face the fact that there's no obvious fix to this place and he's stuck.

Doesn't exactly scream 'homely' either. Then again, Sam thinks, he's never technically had a home. Not longer than a year to two. Not beyond a car, which — hey, it's a really good car. It's gotten him through a few months when honestly, Baby was the only company he's had. It's really, really weird that he owes a black Impala this much. But she did kinda help snap him out of his mental boxing match with Satan. A tag-team effort, almost.

That's really weird to think. He needs to just drink more coffee and pretend staying up late actually mattered, here.

Could he even really call this a case? A prolonged, over arching one, that's for damn sure. For someone who's main focus is getting everything over with quickly to return to what he actually wants, he has to admit, he welcomes a challenge.

This is a bit more over his head, though.