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Your Guide to Knowing Sam Winchester: Turbo X Edition (WARNING: SPOILERS)

This —

Is Sam Winchester.

Sam is from a television show that makes everyone feel bad about themselves.

He's a really badass hunter.

Really badass.

And very well read.

He's tall and certain Kings of Hell gives him funny nicknames.

His birthday is May 2nd, 1983.

He doesn't like his birthday very much.

They never seem to work out.

He likes to say this a lot:

Sammy is very good at correcting people.

And reprimanding with looks.


Sammy loves computers to a possibly OTP extent.

Contrary to how this image looks, Sam loves dogs.

Sam is literally familiar with Satan.

Satan tortured Sam for 180 years.

Good morning Vietnam is probably worse than Heat of the Moment by now.

Sam lost his soul once. It was a generally unemotional experience.

Until he got it back.

Also, Sam has a phobia.

Sammy doesn't like clowns.

At all.

Sam also gets choked. A lot.

........ And tied up a lot.

And generally his life is all pain.

Oh Sam, you card.

Sam was a lot like his dad —

— but also a lot like his mommy.

Also —

Sam got the booty.

He dooooo.


Among other things.

.... But he still has the worst luck with relations, anyway.

Sam says you shouldn't date him.

Sam worries often about those around him.

Sammy also has a big brother.

His name is Dean.

Sometimes he's hard to work with.


And sometimes they don't get along.


He's a good big brother most of the time.

Sam's glad he's around.

He just wishes he were a good brother, too.

He doesn't think he is.


But he tries.




And this is Bobby.

Bobby is like a surrogate daddy. He helps Sam and Dean a lot.

Even when Sam's being especially bad.

Sam loves Bobby. Bobby loves Sam.

Except when he's soulless. Sometimes he tries to kill people then.

Still, when Sam has a soul, Bobby is his favorite old drunk.

His very favoritest.

This is Castiel.

He's Sam's friend (that is still alive somehow).

Castiel makes mistakes sometimes —

— but Sam understands, because he fucks up a lot, too.

And no matter what, they're friends.



They're good friends.

But even with the good things, sometimes Sam has trouble caring if he's alive.

Because most days, nobody hates Sam Winchester more than Sam Winchester.

Because Sammy has a lot of issues.

And a lot of faults.


But he's not so bad.



So that's good.