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Name/Handle: Ashlee
Contact: ashtraydentist @ AIM | [ profile] Trollin_Ur_Roys
Reference: KJ (Nami-mun)
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Character name: Sam Winchester
Character journal: [personal profile] collegedropout
Series name: Supernatural

Canon notes: This incarnation of Sam is a CRAU from the game Adstringendum! He had last been Season 10 there, and after the ruined city of Adstring defeated one of the animus titled Deireadh, they were allowed to leave and return home with a device that allowed them to jump between worlds. Sam went with the Strawhat crew from the series One Piece for a small 'vacation', as he'd gotten close to the cast there. From here, he'll have returned home for a while to finish what he started re: finding a cure for his brother, who had the Mark of Cain. I'll be apping him in from Season 11 of Supernatural — specifically 11x07.

Species: Human! Though he does have traces of demon blood in his body. Cool.


This link covers up to the beginning of S10.
This link summarizes season 11 thus far!

Here are some bullet points on things that have happened in his time at Adstringendum:

• Arrived from Season 8, moved in with Castiel and his housemates at the Temple.
• He's been through the Trials without completing them, and had gotten extremely sick, sometimes delirious — though fortunately he was spared an actual death from it.
• Has met several types of creatures in this world, including trolls, pookas, Devil Fruit users, and so on — he's a bit more open to monster types because of his time here, and won't be quite as on edge about them, though he does still harbor his cautions.
• At a certain point, he had to deal with the fall-out of Dean being soulless here, as well as learning about what happens to him after he's canon updated to mid-Season 9. He struggles with issues of identity and fear of being under possession without knowing it, due to his memories being tampered with.
• He has, alongside Castiel and the others, attempted rituals to go home, though the beings called the 'animus' have thwarted their efforts.
• Due to the animus being combative with one another, a being called Yun Ling transported them out of the main city and into one that is in ruins; Yun Ling did not realize that by removing them from dangerous territory, she had put them in the sights of a marooned, abandoned animus that was too dangerous to co-exist with: Deireadh, a being composed of ghosts that 'he' had snatched up and kept. Deireadh had the belief that they all were better off thriving in eternal chaos and pain in unity, inside the cloud that was his body.
• Deidreadh, like he had to the prior village there, begins to murder the characters in the city after a time of them rebuilding. Many die, and it seems hopeless until Yun Ling, the animus Thalatte, a powerful being named Em, and the remaining characters all take up arms and fight the beast. Sam's killed and trapped within Deireadh (a floating, stormy-looking cloud above), reliving his time in Hell. He's rescued by Nami (One Piece) and a troll named Aradia (Homestuck). Together they all defeat Deireadh, who is later revealed to be at 'his' core a small girl with immense powers who had been trapped in and corrupted by the gashes in reality Adstringendum is often plagued with.
• At peace, the old village resurrected and handling their trauma from surviving within Deireadh, Thalatte promises protection over the new city and everyone is able to perform a ritual and return home, or to any world they'd like with the help of their PCD's coordinates function. Sam decides that, though he's sure to return home sooner than later, he'll opt for a vacation. Tragically, he decides to vacation with the Strawhats. Horrible decisions.


• Intelligent and driven.

Sam's penned in for his smarty pants nature (sometimes annoyingly so), synonymously known at one point as a walking encyclopedia of weirdness. Despite his less pleasant upbringing, he had managed to excel at school and had even gotten into Stanford, a widely known smarty pants school. He has a sharp mind and recollects, even after a rather unsavory and hazy length of time, different key pieces of information from college to use to his advantage, and also seems to enjoy guzzling down whatever information he can gather. Though Dean's a smart fella himself, Sam's the one most would expect peering into a laptop screen for lore and answers. And related to that, and to his penchant for getting into fancy-smancy schools, he's very driven; the college thing is a given, but over the years he's always strived to get things done efficiently and has a hard time giving things up.

• Dorky and polite.

Sam is also an overwhelmingly dorky person. You can see it in episodes like The Purge, where he plays a nerdy fitness instructor. While Dean's dorkiness is often more a charming little smug act, Sam's tends to lean more toward just an awkward doof. A nerd, if you will. Yup. You need to see it in action, just watch 'Plush', where he tries to make a cunning Who Framed Roger Rabbit joke. It was rough. On the flip side, he's a very polite nerd who wouldn't put his feet up on people's coffee tables and likes the words 'please' and 'thank you'.

• Stubborn and sometimes icy (stone cold killah).

Sam has always been known for being a stubborn little shit. See: arguing with John in season one, electing to try to solve his vision issues in season 2 (i.e. Hunted), not giving up on rescuing Dean from what is totally a bright light of hellfire in season 3, using his curse as a weapon for good in season 4, facing off against Lucifer in Swan Song, not budging on finding a cure for the Mark of Cain, and so on and so forth — he's always had that charming Winchester trait of never backing the fuck up, and that's sometimes a good thing and a bad thing and a super great awesome thing. Sam also has times where his icy side is on display, which is a rare but grim reminder that he's a hunter in a bloody life. He's since began to try and rescue vessels in season 11 again as a way to repent for the damage they've all caused (going back to his roots, really), but never forget, Sam can play rough and dark when he has to, like the start of Season 10, where he uses a man to fake-out a demon deal and accidentally gets his soul sold off, or when he's torturing demons for information for his brother. Or when he kills people like Alistair and Famine and Brady with one of Those Scary Looks. He's a dangerous person, under the floppy hair and weird factoids.

• Helpful, protective, and sympathetic.

He's super well known as the brother who is better at talking to people, especially grieving people, civilians they need to speak with for information on the current case. Even Dean says as much in 'Thin Lizzie', where he asks Sam to give Lin one of his patented 'verbal massages'. Sam's always been incredibly soft-spoken, less rough around the edges than his brother, and he has always demonstrated a lot of understanding and sympathy for those suffering or someone in need of help. Even as a child, he's stood up to bullies (Afterschool Special) and it still persists now (Mother's Little Helper). He's always been one to stand up for the little guy, so to speak. Likely because he was a pretty puny kid himself. He enjoys the 'saving people' portion of the family motto far, far more than he likes the 'hunting things' portion. His kindness can be a positive and negative trait, because while it sometimes works in his favor (see: Bloodlust, where he saves a nest of vampires who are only feeding on animals), his sympathy and protectiveness sometimes work against him (see: defending/caring for Ruby, who betrays his trust later, or attempting to get through to the Rugaru about to murder Dean in season 4). He's also of course very protective of his brother, as seen when he kills Gordon in an earlier season, or when he roughly threatens the man in season 10's About a Boy. But what's new there, we all know about that shit.

• A beat-up ex-vessel with issues.

Sam has a ton of issues, of course. This character has had a lot of really horrible shit happen. Too much to really even scratch the surface of, but he's been the most possessed character in the show at this point, and has survived crippling visions, almost 200 years minimum of torture in Hell, as well as hallucinations that nearly killed him, Trials that burned out his insides, violent detoxes, and other freaky-deaky things to plague him. He starts the series as a sturdier guy who hasn't had trauma heaped on him — as he is now, though, he's going through life one step at a time. Compare it to start out walking through beach sand, then through snow, then through knee-deep tar. That's about how the progression is, and because of his Sam has sometimes surrendered to the idea of letting himself die. He's often tired, either of the hunter life or of whatever is fucking him up, and that means that his usual stubborn, steadfast personality crumples under the weight of his lifestyle and he wants a moment's rest. Whether that's being willing to die from hallucination-induced insomnia in S7, or being willing to die to earn his brother's trust and mend things (as he had felt as though he had damaged their brotherhood and so on), or calmly surrendering to Death himself while he's in a coma (and his deathbed), Sam just really has a poor relationship with his life. And himself. More on that in the next bullet.

Since his time in Adstringendum, he has since faced a lot of his issues — such as feeling as though his reality could be a lie at any moment — and through he hasn't exactly beaten them all and likely never will be the guy he was all those years ago, he's in a good place mentally both at the end of Adstringendum — and a semi-decent head-space in Season 11, though that may not last too long with the continuation of visions, specifically hell visions. Thanks to people like Jess (his dead almost-fiance, who had been in Adstringendum), Castiel, Nami, Rei, and so on, he's convinced to open up more about how he feels, and to get help when he's not in a good place mentally. Not always the case for him, but he'll likely be better at admitting things that trouble him to those around him he trusts.

• Selfless and lacking self-worth.

Sam is known for being extremely selfless. It's not always a good thing, not at all, because it also means he doesn't put a lot of worth into his own existence, but it is something to note about him. He's always been willing to die for the greater good, and has always made or is willing to make huge sacrifices for the sake of whoever's needing it. Sam tries to sell his soul back in return for Dean in S3 to fix Dean's mistake, and he willingly dives into Hell for what he and everyone else thinks will be an eternity with the Devil in S5. He faces possible insanity by absorbing his hell memories in the finale of season 6, despite being told that it's horrible and could really fragment him by his hellish counterpart — he doesn't want to leave the others to face Castiel, though. In season 7, while he's slowly dying from lack of sleep in a mental ward, he focuses instead on a girl with a ghost problem. In season 8, well, it was mentioned up above; he's willing to burn himself from the inside out. While it's partly his way of trying to repent to his brother and partly despair that their relationship is damaged in the first place, he also is focused on how his death will potentially save many lifes (loosely quoted, 'people will die if I don't do this'). He also surrenders to Dean in 10x23 and is willing to let Dean lop off his head if it means stopping the Mark and keeping it from hurting anyone else on Earth.

A chunk of this has to do with his sympathy and kinder demeanor, but it also has to do with the fact that he thinks he's, quite frankly, a pile of shit. Not in the same way Dean classifies himself, of course (Dean sees himself more as a "grunt", as a soldier/weapon). Sam sees himself as more of a stain, a mockery of a normal human. He takes everything told to him to heart and has always had issues balancing his humanity with the inhuman things pushed onto him. He sees the demon blood coursing through his veins as unclean and unholy/unnatural, something that makes him lesser of a person. Worse off, he feels like after all the things that have happened to his body, he's not a clean person in general. In season 8 he admits to Dean that he's felt dirty since he was just a small child thanks to the blood Azazel forcefed him as a child. In Season 4, 5, and 7, he admits he's a 'freak' in conversation and is despaired when Vestus refers to him as being held together bodily and spiritually with 'duct tape and safety pins' and marvels at how he's even alive. Sam doesn't even consider that this could be something effecting him (Gadreel was possessing him at the time, healing him without Sam's knowledge) and thought it was simply how he was, at his core: a messed up, cracked human being who'll always have issues. When the Levee Breaks is a horrible (see: fantastic) exploration of how he views himself: an extension of Azazel's evil, a disappointment, a monster in his brother's eyes, something barely human and not classified as such enough to be Dean's brother —

It's all sad shit, pretty much.

That said, during his time in Adstringendum he has since began to put more value in himself, and when he had died at the hands of Deireadh's shadowy monsters, he admitted to his friend that it was one of the first times he felt like he truly hadn't deserved such a fate. While he comes to vaguely similar conclusions in 10x23 and sees himself as not a horrible person, he finds more faith in himself in Adstringendum that he certainly lacked when he first woke up there.

• Faithful and hopeful.

I'm so sorry, I will hurry up and finish this friggin app. Sam, lastly, is the one in the show who harbors the most hope and faith. Sam had admitted in House of the Holy that he prayed every single day and believed in more out there (and hey, you were right! and you probably regret the fuck out of that, my boy!), and when he met angels he was postively esctatic. Despite being let down by the actual angel way (them being douches, basically), Sam has always tried to hang on to 'hope', and while his faith is obviously damaged going into later seasons, he still attempts to hold onto some semblance of it. Currently in season 11, he's praying to God and hoping for information on how to face the darkness, despite God outright stepping out of the Apocalypse clusterfuck and telling them they're on their own. He also believed in Castiel when nobody else did and saw him as still being one of the good guys, giving him the benefit of the doubt enough to pray to him in 7x01, that he would return to them and they could put the souls from Purgatory back where they belong. Sam may not always have faith and hope in every single situation, but it's prevalent in a lot of what he does, and it certainly is another facet of him you can't forget.

Sam continues to cling to this faith in Adstringendum, though it does shatter monumentally under the influence of Deireadh in the swirling cloud above, where he's trapped in a close replica of his hell-time. Prior to that, however, he had faith in Em to do the right thing and help them beat Deireadh — with him as the starting point, he appeals to her humanity enough that, when nudged along by Sanji (and pissed off by Nami, thanks Nami), she's convinced to step up and stop running.


• Knowledge of standard Earth-based weaponry circa 2015 and combat.
• Knowledge of Greek, Native, etc. lore, as well as common myths and urban legends. Essentially, things you'd expect a hunter to know about the supernatural.
• Low-key maintenance skills (as this had been his job pre-S8).
• Low-key gardening skills (learned from having to survive in Adstringendum; he grew tomatoes, potatoes, the usual vegetable variety; he was also taught how to properly pickle things and jar them.
• A mild advantage at supernatural/spiritual/mental effects, as someone who's resisted demonic viruses, better handled the darkness virus from 11x01, survived being possessed in multiple instances (especially re: angels), and has dealt with pretty much season after season of being a spiritual punching bag, and so on. He's dealt with hallucinations and painful visions as well, has detoxed from a supernatural drug, so to speak — so he may be more tolerant of things of this nature hitting him. Good tolerance, this guy.
• Weirdly good at serial killer facts. Okay Sam, you weirdo.
• Also no really, just random encyclopedia shit nobody needs to know but he knows for some reason. Who the heck just knows random factoids about pennies? Who cares about pennies???? Nobody, that's who.

Augment Skillset: Civilian Augment - Tactical Support (probably to be augmented later lbr)

Sample: Check out this post.

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