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Most notes are purely detailing basic information regarding the planets, of course. Things like what they ate, the weather, the customs; of course, there are also occasional mentions of strange things that had happened there, like Mafik's concerning illness.

Arslae Planet
FS Starlight
The HS Maldua
The Hotel Corona
The Sickly Moon
Sickly Moon Pt. II
Sickly Moon Pt. III
The Singing Planets
The Tri-Faction Star System
The Lagan Star System
The Lagan System Pt. II
The Lagan System Pt. III
The Rew System
The Safe Haven
Mafik, the Water Planet (deep waters)
The Corbius System
The Kayanni System
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Backtagging: Absolutely!! Backtag away. I usually only drop threads if they feel complete.
Threadhopping: Absolutely x 2 — I love threadjacking and the like.
Fourthwalling: This is fine! Sam fourthwalls himself. His canon is meta madness.
Offensive subjects: Sam's had a very rough existence, okay. So as it is, here are the things we could discuss opt-outs for and etc. Sam has been an addict and sometimes this could come up in heavier threads. I will usually warn for this in note section on a log/entry.

The primary one I am very, very careful on is Sam and sexual assault. Sam canonically has been molested, dub-conned, kidnapped/roofied, and forcefully possessed as far as season 12. His lack of agency is a big part of his character and his character's fears, but I will try to be sparse bringing these up, but they may come up if a topic or thread turn that direction. Sam has also been sexually assaulted during his time in Hell/The Cage (or I at least play this interpretation of him, if you don't believe it's canon), which is included because of the implications in-series that Sam was likely assaulted through dialogue from Lucifer, from Sam's hell memories, and other characters.

If you're a Lucifer player interested in threading or apping to where he is at any given time, I can definitely not mention this in interactions and bend things if it's very discomforting for you! I actually don't mention the potential sexual assault outside of limited situations or I make it very obscure; I only will mention it if the other player and I discuss it first, as it's something I don't bring attention to often compared to his addiction to demon blood or being possessed. It's also something I am fine with keeping very much on a down-low; it's a part of Sam's past, but it's not a huge portion of his character that I can't put aside for RP times.

Sam has been suicidal in the past — and he has suffered from a lack of self-worth, feelings of being lesser than others, guilt, self-blame, etc. If anything at all comes up in threads that make you uncomfortable, please message me immediately and we can change topics or edit/alter the thread. Sam has also had a bit of issue with mental illness, especially in S7, but he's in a relatively good headspace in Season 11, so this is probably not a huge concern!

This is the permissions list for IC (in-character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired. With IC permissions, it's a good idea to elaborate on what other players can expect from your character if they choose to do any of the following:

Hugging this character: Yes! If he doesn't know your character or know them very well, he'll be awkward and very stiff-bodied, not wanting to hug back. If he knows your character pretty well, he'll certainly be more willing to hug. [insert graph that shows the higher the CR, the nicer the hug].
Kissing this character: Cheek kissing isn't too bad, but he'll be a little weirded out. Surprise kisses will startle him. Anything more than that is into discomfortland, which I don't mind playing out, but keep in mind CR might suffer depending on the situation.
Flirting with this character: Fine! Sam usually rolls with it.
Fighting with this character: Yes! Just keep in touch with me so we know how it plays out, or who does what. We don't have to figure out every single move, just what the outcome will probably be. :)
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): SURE YEA! If you're gonna hurt him super duper bad that will hinder him in some way, chat with me first. I don't mind beating him up, though. It's all good.
Killing this character: Talk with me! Chances are if he hasn't had health-related drama recently and he's prime pickings for doom and death, I'll be willing. I'm an awful person and he dies a lot anyway.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go ahead, but it could impact CR negatively depending on the situation.

Warnings: Sam's a hunter, so that might be an issue for some CR. But he's a nice hunter without a black and white POV, so everything should be good. :)

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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Application for [community profile] driftfleet

Name/Handle: Ashlee
Contact: ashtraydentist @ AIM | [ profile] Trollin_Ur_Roys
Reference: KJ (Nami-mun)
Other characters: N/A

Character name: Sam Winchester
Character journal: [personal profile] collegedropout
Series name: Supernatural

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The Cabin


Current Inhabitants: Castiel, Sam Winchester, Rei Hino, Dean Winchester, Katie (80% of the time?), Jo
Probable visitors: Rosie Nurumi, Nami, Sanji
The cabin they are staying in is in mild disarray and is old — the wood is dull and there are a lot of blemishes and scratches. Note that the wall with the open door is almost completely gone. It is mildly closed off by some old tarps. The wall is likely all least fixed by now. Also, there are definitely still holes in the ceiling. (likely fixed now) Also please note, they currently have very few items and the picture below is just for references. The comments section will be updated as new and obvious touches are done to the living space. Likely swarmed by dogs, cats, and maybe a rattlesnake. Animals are sometimes in the house, but there is not enough room for them so they are likely all out around the cabin.

There are wards/sigils painted all over, mostly likely covered up by frames, drapes or rugs. Courtesy of Castiel. The weirdo.

Sam has built a small and simple but effective stick fence around the garden to at least keep the non-burrowing animals out.


Pets located around the outside (and sometimes inside) of the cabin (until Sam makes a giant shed for them bless): Youma (Rei's cat), Adva (Castiel's cat), Pedro (Castiel's rattlesnake), Einsein the Hellhound (Castiel's), Riot and Bones (Sam's dogs), Dean Jr. and Sam Jr. (Terrible Terrors that hang out on their own accord)

Current Supplies:

• Old tin buckets / cans
• Wobbly table
• Old cabinet
• Crappy drawers
• Meager blankets / makeshift pillows
• Individualized backpacks
• One mattress

Mostly accurate visual images of cabin:

Image with their table, cabinet, fireplace, and front door:

Window opposite of the fireplace, just above sleeping space:

Window next to back door (from inside) / leaky and rickety ceiling:

Back door / back window (from outside):

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 SAM IS GONNA BE HIT BY KATIE'S ([personal profile] flickerflash ) ECHOES. 

What does this mean? 

Well, here's a handy timeline:

1.) Katie, on the 10th, will suddenly become a pooka again in an explosion of power. Sam will unfortunately be caught in this, and will be overwhelmed by his own echoes! He will be able to see them, and one very nasty problem with that is that Sam believes very strongly in Hallucifer being a creation in his head (he's not real, but Sam thinks he's real in how he's not real... it's complicated). Pretty much season 7 will happen. Hallucifer will be a concept made real by Sam's belief in him, so he will be just like Hallucifer in all the ways you're familiar with in canon. This also includes hellfire echoes in general, but those will at least fade out the more Sam believes they aren't real.

2.) After being enchanted hardcore, Sam will be told by Katie that he needs to get to the dream-catcher Tooth made and she enhanced for him for his shitty echoes/dreams, because this is as good as he's gonna combat it with his current state of mind. He will be suffering from hellfire mostly. He will have a log where you can run into him during his enchantment here, and he may even do something like pull a gun on your character or scare the holy shit out of your character. He will likely cut open his hand and try to use it to dispel some of the hellfire going on, so do with that what you will. During this time, Katie will be keeping Hallucifer, which is a very real thing in the fae terms (though NOT VISIBLE UNLESS YOUR CHARACTER IS ENCHANTED BY KATIE TO SEE IT). If you're interested in maybe helping KJ's character hold off Hallucifer or at least keep him busy, we can try to hash something out! 

3.) After getting the dream-catcher, Sam will be temporarily protected by it. However, it won't last forever, and if Sam leaves the half-broken cabin he's made home recently, then the dreamcatcher WILL wear off bit by bit until he returns to his cabin. The dreamcatcher is mainly effective when bound to a specific location, pretty much. He will be using the dreamcatcher even as it slowly and inevitably starts failing.

4.) FOR YOU ALL!! Eventually Katie will probably enchant someone or a select few who she knows are close to Sam so that they can see what is ailing poor Sam there. Why is that? Because she will likely need help KILLING HALLUCIFER'S ASS. Once an echo gains a life of its own, the only real solution is to destroy it. Katie is pretty savvy on this stuff, so if you're interested in potentially helping Sam out and killing Hallucifer, holla at me. 

5.) YAY NO MORE HALLUCIFER. Katie and Sam will hug and the sun will set and moose's dreams will be a little less horrid. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask here or on plurk. I'll try to answer them. Or I'll make KJ answer them for me and get back to you if they're pooka or fae-related, because I am operating on her character's canon HAHA.
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Sam's Library at [community profile] driftfleet


IT by Stephen King - [link]
A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein - [link]
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - [link]
The Marvelous Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum - [link]
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems - [link]
Lord of the Flies by William Golding - [link]
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury - [link]
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss - [link]
All My Friends are Dead by Avery Monson and Jory John - [link]
The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories by Alisa Surkis and Monica Nolan - [link]
The Undersea (Kayanni #1 Bestseller) - [link]


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2013-08-12 09:53 pm
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IC Contact.


"This is Sam -- just leave a message, I'll get back to you."

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1999-11-27 09:00 pm

Rose is Horrible and So Am I: The Series

Slave Meme Thread / Part Two (in progress) — Sam and Dean are sold as sex slaves. It changes literally everything.
Warnings for sexual assault, non-con, substance abuse (alcoholism), eating disorders/problems, self-harm, gore, and all around sensitive subject matter that is just horrible and I don't know it's all just really painful.

Last Words Meme (completed) — They're both fucked, Sam has an infection, and they wait to die.
Warnings for death and dark themes, mostly.

Ten Years Later Meme (incomplete/vaulted) — Ten years later, Sam has a bad leg and a daughter, and Dean considers retiring from the life. And then things go pretty south pretty quick.
Warnings for mentions of child abuse, violence, mildly dark themes.

Amnesia Meme (incomplete/vaulted) — After the Leviathans, Sam and Dean forget everything. Lucky for them, they ran back into each other.
Warnings for violence, mentions of dark themes and sexual situations, a mild bit of psychotic breakdown / mentions of it. Dean's potty mouth.

The Broken Meme (in progress) — Dean was possessed by Abaddon, and things will never be right again for either of the boys.
Warnings for self-harm, mental illness, substance abuse, lack of agency themes, and suicidal thoughts, mental breakdowns.

Little Sam Thread (incomplete/vaulted) — Sam regressed to a newborn, and there's no cure. Luckily, Dean's trying his hand at being a decent father-brother.
Warnings for mentions of darker themes, probably kid-in-serious-situations moments in there.

Ghosts are Bad (Good?) News (in progress/vaulted) — Sam's dead. He's a ghost, too. This bodes well (except not).
Warnings for death, sensitive topics, gore/violence, Sam's ghostly moose hair.

Separated Brothers (in progress) — Sam was taken by Azazel when he was very little. Now he's a blood-fueled little soldier-in-training who happens to get taken in by a pair of Winchesters looking for answers. It ends both wonderfully and poorly, depending on how you want to look at it. Weechesters; Sam's 11-ish and Dean's 15-ish. 
Warnings for torture, demon stuff, substance addiction, violence/gore, child abuse and attempted sexual abuse of a minor, it's a pretty dark world here.

The Human Trafficking Meme (in progress) — Sam and Dean are kidnapped and taken as slaves, used for just about everything around the household. The only thing keeping them sane is each other, really.
Warnings for possibly graphic non-con, sexual situations, torture, physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, slavery.

This is The End (in progress) — Sam never says yes to the devil and becomes a quasi-suicidal repenting wanderer, and Dean loses most of his humanity and his love for life. And then they reunite, and it's mostly just pain and misery. 
Warnings for non-permanent death, suicidal ideation, violence, gore, and a dark verse altogether.
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1996-09-02 03:57 am
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"you gotta update your cassette tape collection."



  1. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (Winchester Family)
  2. The Things We Lost in the Fire - Bastille
  3. Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips (Dean + Sam)
  4. Sam's Town - The Killers
  5. Heavy in Your Arms - Florence + The Machine (Dean + Sam)
  6. Let Her Go - Passenger (Sam/Jess)
  7. Carry on My Wayward Son - Kansas
  8. Sinister Kid - The Black Keys
  9. Don't you Worry, Child - Swedish House Mafia
  10. Heat of the Moment - Asia
  11. Wonderwall - Oasis
  12. Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi
  13. Panic Station - Muse
  14. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
  15. Come with Me Now - Kongos
  16. E-Pro - Beck
  17. Sail - AWOLNATION (Season 4)
  18. Closer - Nine Inch Nails (Ruby/Sam)
  19. Monster - Skillet (Season 4)
  20. Disarm - The Smashing Pumpkins
  21. Into the Fire - 13 Senses
  22. Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons
  23. Trouble - Coldplay
  24. Shake it Out - Florence + The Machines
  25. Vox Populi - 30 Seconds to Mars
  26. Broken Crown - Mumford and Sons
  27. Sea Lions - Sage Francis
  28. Enter Sandman - Metallica (Sam + Lucifer)
  29. Mama - My Chemical Romance (Hell Arc)
  30. Blood on My Name - The Wright Brothers (Soulless Arc)
  31. Unwell - Matchbox Twenty (Hallucination Arc)
  32. Titanium - David Guetta / The Piano Guys
  33. Carry On - Fun. (Pre-Season 8 Arc)
  34. Johnny Cash - Hurt.
  35. Demons - Imagine Dragons
  36. Dream on - Aerosmith.
  37. Be Yourself - Audioslave
  38. Afraid - The Neighborhood
  39. Up in the Air - 30 Seconds to Mars
  40. Skyfall - Adele

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1994-04-09 11:14 pm

Some 2014 Thread

The angels have left, Satan has won, and everything's over. Not that Sam would know. Sam's buried in his own body, smothered under layers and layers of darkness. He hasn't seen light in years; Lucifer talked to him a lot, let him feel the rumble of death through his own bones. He's killed a lot of people. And for a long time, there's only defeat — no struggle, no relighting of his soul, nothing but surrender. He knows Dean is out there, somewhere, because Lucifer tells him Dean keeps trying to kill him. 

He understands. 

It's hard to say what happens, where he wakes up — violently wakes up, like a nightmare hitting a crescendo of screams and motion. It's absurd, really. They wipe out some family hiding out in a half-destroyed apartment complex with a flick of their fingers (well, Sam can only assume; he smells the blood). Lucifer looks down at the speckled red mess and there's toys scattered there, dolls and jacks and a football. There's old, ripped comic books. There are little green plastic men that make Sam/Lucifer's chest stutter. His body feels numb, then cold, then too hot, and Sam pries away at the walls around him, screaming and crying in his own mind. Flashes of memory hit him like punches to his sternum and leave afterimages of Dean — Dean punching him in the face, Dean patting him on the back, Dean clinging onto him for dear life. He couldn't remember the last time he saw him, really saw him, and he remembers Goodbye, Sam.

Sam fights. It's a long, painful fight, and he's caught up in the celestial light of Lucifer, so overpowering that he feels himself being ripped and pulled every which way in the chaos of the struggle. But he doesn't want to go back into the dark. He needs to get out. Needs to fix this, no matter what — he's let him take too much. Even if it inevitably mutilates his spirit, destroys it, makes it tattered waves of energy invisible on the wind, he holds on for dear life and screams with his own mouth for the first time in a long time.

And then Lucifer's grace pours out of him, and light surrounds him for miles in every direction. His soul flutters in exhaustion, rattling and clinging to his lips while the devil dissipates altogether. And then his spirit is nestled again in his heart, or his lungs, or his brain, and it settles miserably there. 



Sam wanders blindly, for a few days. While everything starts to fit back into place. He sort of... gets where he is, but it's foggy, and his memory is exhausted from the internal battle. Colors smear and blend, and every so often a wavy smudge that is shaped human runs off, away from him, and he's not completely sure why yet. He's still trying to remember how to walk and move and be a person again; he trips a lot, staining the white pants he's wearing with mud. The coat is eventually discarded, and muscle memory rolls his sleeves in the heat.

He walks and walks, doesn't feel tired, feels like he's slept for lifetimes. He eventually starts recognizing everything: dirt, skin, blood, bruises, corpses. Flowers. Animals and orange-red skylines. They're beautiful. He and Dean used to watch sunsets and stars and things he'd say'd be girly. He... needs to find him. The guy usually gets really anxious when his little brother goes missing, right? They need to be a team again. Sam'll convince him. 

Sam staggers toward a meadow, a group of trees. He's sweaty and his hair's disheveled and there's a vacant expression about him, blood dried on his upper lip and chin from his nose. There's a lot being processed right now. He just — needs a minute. 

It'll get better when he finds the others.

Everything's fine now. 
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1992-06-13 05:33 pm

more horrible endverse stuff

Sam wakes beside Dean's dead body, gutted of Lucifer, lost and confused and trying to remember how words work -- he cries instead for a while: heavy, miserable tears, because Dean's dead and he can't remember why or how, just knows he should have been there to help him, should've done something to salvage him. He's got a broken neck, Sam can tell when he lifts him and shakes him gently. Crushed throat. Dad's never taught them first aid for this, just how to make a pyre, because they're too far gone now.

He puts a hand on Dean's old cheek, and summons the tattered remains of Lucifer's grace, whatever's left, anyway. It's easy to give Dean life, and the throat mends and lifts, spine repaired. Warmth drains back into Dean's skin and Sam breathes in relief. The hunt didn't kill him. That's good, isn't it? The hunt didn't kill him. He stands up, the knot in his stomach telling him Dean wouldn't want to see him anyway; he's a bad brother, he runs, he always runs.

He walks away.

Cas will find Dean later, the ex-angel scratched up but otherwise alive. Shockingly. He couldn't explain it -- but for some reason, just before the demons moved in to finish them all off... well, they just. Sparked out of existence. As if burned out of the bodies. Risa and Chuck hang back to help the few vessels that survived their possessions, while Cas carefully shakes his friend awake.

"Dean. Dean. It's over."

He may only be partly angel, but he feels it. He knows.

Lucifer himself is no more.


Sam walks.

He knows he did something bad, and he's scared of being in a panic room again. It's hard to remember where the panic room even came from; the memories are all fragmented, like every other part of him. He does remember having a home, in California. Maybe he should go back there, back where he remembers the best. The croats all avoid him, all step away from him when he asks them for directions. Someone panicked shoots at him, hits him twice in the chest and calls him the devil. The pain is temporary.

He apologizes earnestly for scaring them, and asks which way it is to Palo Alto, California.

Terrified, they tell him. He can't blame them for being scared. He's not a good person, he knows that much.

Later, as he huddles in the darkness of an old apartment, he sweats and shivers and the bullets pop out of his chest. Plip, plop. He sings old cassette tap songs as he waits, Seger and Led Zeppelin. The storm comes in heavy this night, and it's only when he can't stand the sound of his own guilty thoughts that he wanders out into it, letting the heavy raindrops clean his limp locks. The jacket of the white suit has been abandoned in a town before this one, with a note: 'To anyone who needs it.'

He doesn't feel cold. The bullet holes are just little fissures in his skin now, blood washing down his clothing and painting it different pinks.

Maybe there's something worth living for in Palo Alto.

He can't remember what exactly, but it's not like he can go back to Dean. He made too many mistakes. Dean would rather he be dead. That's what Dean wants to do, isn't it? Kill him. That's what he can remember. Dean wanted to do it. He remembers that much. Wanted it so bad, could see it in his eyes. From what he could see out of his own eyes, anyway. Screaming and clawing for consciousness, never reaching it. He swallows hard, rubbing the heel of his hand into his eye.

Don't look back. In California, he can finally rest. Heaven or Hell, doesn't matter.

But he'll find rest.
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1992-03-16 01:41 am
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This is the End

The end of the world just happens. 

Well, something like that. Sam isn't really very keen on where it began, other than when the Croatoan virus suddenly hit big in parts of the United States and burned outward in every direction; at this point, Sam had already said his goodbyes to Dean, had picked a hemisphere (non-literally, because he's not so sure he could forge plane tickets to China right this moment), started to try to correct his life. There were dreams, yeah, some Lucifer here and there to intrude on his privacy. But he was managing. Until, y'know. Shit hit the fan. In the end, phones went down, electricity, running water supplies. Places shut down. Boarded up. Humanity, trying to thrive. Lucifer, celebrating in his nightmares.

Sam never did speak to Dean again, after their final goodbye. Now he doesn't know if his brother is alive or dead out there. 

Maybe he'll never know 'til it's too late. Or until he's dead. Sam's a pretty lucky guy, all things... considered. He's immune. Been bitten more than once even (covered by his jacket, because if people saw... well, he's not about to get mistaken for infected, even if they're only scar tissue now), though most of it was born out of a sick sense of penance. He's hardly afraid to go barreling into a horde of insane viral carriers if it means maybe saving one life who can't handle getting infected. He can go on supply runs for people, too. The more the world eroded away, the more he finds himself wandering from place to place, directionless and distraught.

This is all his fault. It's all on him. 

He should have never let the devil out. 

He should have never believed a demon could be anything but a twisted, ugly demon.

He should have... Should have done something different. 

Bobby isn't in his home, Jo and Ellen are MIA, no signs of life from anyone he knows. No Dean. Just more people to help. Mouths to feed. Croats to kill. By the time he reaches a little place in California, he's exhausted, seeking out an abandoned building to rest up there. He uses his pack as a pillow and listens for any sounds of the infected. Or survivors. It's not like he can deny someone in need of help, in a mess he made. There's probably some big issue just around the corner. Danger. Right now, his only concern is actually getting a few hours of rest before the Devil comes to poke around inside his noggin.

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1990-11-27 09:34 pm

it's impossible to really kill off a winchester i guess


Sam Winchester died.

Okay, so it's not really that surprising to him. After all, he's a Winchester, and they are fated to die
on multiple occasions. Usually, though, they just don't stay dead. It had all started on a normal hunt, 
a completely straight-forward salt and burn for a ghost that had out-deaded it's time at some old, 
crusty mansion people kept dying at (you would think someone would notice such a string of bad 
luck, but ah well). It had been normal until Sam was faced with the rage-stricken man's spirit, ended
up taking a meat cleaver across his gut, deep enough that he had to hold them in his body, writhing
and waiting for Dean to realize something was wrong; it's usually pretty quick, and he was right. After
being dragged to the Impala, laid out sloppily in the back seat, Sam considered how it was ending —

Because he was definitely not surviving this one. Blood had pumped out so fast, all over him, covering
the upholstery, his clothes, his brother. That was the worst thing of all; to die like this, fuck up Dean's 
life with him by making this the last memory he had of him, sprawled out in the back seat, saying
don't think I'm okay
(fucking obvious, Sam, duh) in a wheezing, horrible voice, until finally you're just
choking on your own blood and your only family in the world has to pull over to see if he can save you
from suffocating.

As it turns out, all he had left to offer Dean was dribbling blood all over the man's jacket sleeve and then
just... going. Only — he didn't go. He was still here, still watching in horror, waiting for something to 
change, for the scene to get better. Was he going to Heaven now? Why did he — well, no, it's obvious
why he didn't go. Looking at Dean, he realized far too easily why he couldn't. He just.

He couldn't go.


Two weeks later, Dean is still a fucking zombie, and it's driving Sam crazy by proxy. He's still trying to
learn how to Swayze things, so the efforts have been... mildly unhelpful, despite his hopeful attempts.
He'd been trying to move anything, something, and it just wasn't working. The best he was good for
was making some rooms a little colder, sparingly. One time, he had tried to pick up a picture of him 
and Dean and Kevin and ended up dropping it and shattering it from the shelf; felt like a dick for
a while after that. Would've maybe even cried in frustration, if it were easier to physically cry like that,
as a spirit. Ah well. Small mercies.

He actually can't migrate through the whole house, though. He's strong enough to barely reach
Dean's room from the garage; what he's attached to, he's not 100% sure yet. He thinks he has an 
educated idea. A very heart-heavy, educated idea. He really misses the library, eating, being able
to lay in his bed and sleep everything off. He misses being in the big meeting room and just having
coffee after a run.

He spends a few days mourning, too. Because it's all fucked, now. 

All over a shitty ghost hunt.

For being a spirit, it sure feels like his chest physically hurts.
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1990-03-07 01:12 am
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Character Relationship Visualosities