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 SAM IS GONNA BE HIT BY KATIE'S ([personal profile] flickerflash ) ECHOES. 

What does this mean? 

Well, here's a handy timeline:

1.) Katie, on the 10th, will suddenly become a pooka again in an explosion of power. Sam will unfortunately be caught in this, and will be overwhelmed by his own echoes! He will be able to see them, and one very nasty problem with that is that Sam believes very strongly in Hallucifer being a creation in his head (he's not real, but Sam thinks he's real in how he's not real... it's complicated). Pretty much season 7 will happen. Hallucifer will be a concept made real by Sam's belief in him, so he will be just like Hallucifer in all the ways you're familiar with in canon. This also includes hellfire echoes in general, but those will at least fade out the more Sam believes they aren't real.

2.) After being enchanted hardcore, Sam will be told by Katie that he needs to get to the dream-catcher Tooth made and she enhanced for him for his shitty echoes/dreams, because this is as good as he's gonna combat it with his current state of mind. He will be suffering from hellfire mostly. He will have a log where you can run into him during his enchantment here, and he may even do something like pull a gun on your character or scare the holy shit out of your character. He will likely cut open his hand and try to use it to dispel some of the hellfire going on, so do with that what you will. During this time, Katie will be keeping Hallucifer, which is a very real thing in the fae terms (though NOT VISIBLE UNLESS YOUR CHARACTER IS ENCHANTED BY KATIE TO SEE IT). If you're interested in maybe helping KJ's character hold off Hallucifer or at least keep him busy, we can try to hash something out! 

3.) After getting the dream-catcher, Sam will be temporarily protected by it. However, it won't last forever, and if Sam leaves the half-broken cabin he's made home recently, then the dreamcatcher WILL wear off bit by bit until he returns to his cabin. The dreamcatcher is mainly effective when bound to a specific location, pretty much. He will be using the dreamcatcher even as it slowly and inevitably starts failing.

4.) FOR YOU ALL!! Eventually Katie will probably enchant someone or a select few who she knows are close to Sam so that they can see what is ailing poor Sam there. Why is that? Because she will likely need help KILLING HALLUCIFER'S ASS. Once an echo gains a life of its own, the only real solution is to destroy it. Katie is pretty savvy on this stuff, so if you're interested in potentially helping Sam out and killing Hallucifer, holla at me. 

5.) YAY NO MORE HALLUCIFER. Katie and Sam will hug and the sun will set and moose's dreams will be a little less horrid. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask here or on plurk. I'll try to answer them. Or I'll make KJ answer them for me and get back to you if they're pooka or fae-related, because I am operating on her character's canon HAHA.
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I holla'd atchoo.

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Well anything involving her Temple friends or the senshi would be a sure fire way to get her to shoot him in the face.