[EVENT | OPEN] Everybody's Seeing Red

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:05 pm
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Who: Merlan & [You]
Broadcast: N/A
Action: SS Bloodsport & Lato'li
When: October-November Plot Length

red dead red )  


Oct. 17th, 2017 01:15 am
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Who: Maedhros
Broadcast: No.
Action: On the S.S. Huntress.
When: During all the fantastic crashing/near misses. Seriously, everything is just fine.

(The explosions have a nasty effect even on ships that are not immediately taken down. Though he is usually sure-footed, Maedhros is thrown by the shocking bombardment. His head hits a wall squarely, giving him a nasty cut over one eye and knocking him out cold.

The effect of the injury and the nasty surprise - the latter more so than the former - is enough to push him to his feet the moment he regains consciousness. He pushes his way into the hall, feeling queasy with fear and...well...a head injury. Not that it matters. He heads straight for his brother's room...and the room of his cousin...

If there isn't an immediate answer, he will start banging on the door(s) and making quite the racket.)

Answer me! Kano! Finno! Is everyone alright?!

it's gonna rain - and it never ends

Oct. 16th, 2017 06:59 pm
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[ It's midday, or close enough to it that the sun is blazing red hot above the planet. Everything seems ordinary - for disturbing, red-tinted values of ordinary, anyway. But the normalcy doesn't last for long.

Without warning, an explosive sound shocks through the jungle. It doesn't come from any one central point, but rather several points, scattered throughout, strategically placed to the advantage of someone. And from those massive shocks rises a wave of missiles - large, fast, and apparently, freely flying. They're guided, and they've locked onto their target: any foreign ship that is currently within Lato'li's atmosphere.

There's no way to mistake it. They're headed right for the Fleet.

The first wave feels a bit sporadic - timings might be off, but the missiles are still deadly, and if they hit, they hit hard. Shields might withstand this wave, but ships without shields will take direct hits. The ability to stay airborn is very, very quickly lost.

The second wave is much more precise, expertly timed and executed by whomever is firing from below. Even smaller shuttles get caught in the crosshairs, and those ships that lasted through the first volley will take a few more shots. If shields saved you before, they will fail here, giving out under the strain.

And the third wave comes, a little bit longer after, to finish the job. There are more of them, and they are far more advanced - they make the previous two volleys look like warning shots. This time, it's all missiles launched, all targets acquired.

Seven Fleet ships - and many, many shuttles - fall out of the sky, headed straight for the surface at alarming speed. Only four ships manage to escape the assault and exit the planet's atmosphere, retreating to orbit as fast as possible. Those lucky enough to have been in orbit can only watch as all of this happens.

But the missiles aren't the only thing up their sleeve. Just when the dust settles, while the network is surely lighting up with activity, attempts to contact one another and check on the status of fellow ships and crew, A loud, quick, terrible screeching noise shocks the network. It drowns out all communications on any connected devices - ship or personal. Ships in orbit will see all on-board systems flicker, then fizzle out, all non-emergency systems have gone completely down.

And with that.. there's silence. Perhaps too much silence. No matter what you do, no matter which buttons you press, which channels you try, there is no connection. Those who have dropped to the surface are entirely radio silent, and those in orbit have been reduced to the barest of abilities and life-support, with the bare minimum of contact.

So... What can you do now? ]

(( ooc: Feel free to use this post as a mingle for all your crashy or missile-dodgy needs!

• The following ships have been shot down: Bishop, Bloodsport, Blue Fish, Goldstone, Heron, Tourist, Twin Roses.
• The following ships are now in orbit: Blameless, Caprine, First Breath, Huntress, Iskaulit, Red Fish, Starstruck, Vanquish, Wonderduck

Good luck, Dear Fleet...~ ♪ ))

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Oct. 14th, 2017 09:02 pm
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Who: Cyril Lavellan and OPEN
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Wonderduck
When: Shortly after they arrive at the new system

[Cyril has been meaning to ask this of the fleet since he had met Leilani, but his own pride had gotten in the way. However, the general mood of wariness this new system brings and the news of a violent race of people on it makes him realize it's even more important to address this. If he's put in a dangerous situation he needs to make sure he has all of the resources he can to protect others and himself.

So, when the broadcast starts now Cyril is seen from his mid chest up. The missing arm is noticeable as he's pinned up his tunic sleeve on that side. He feels very nervous, but his face is carefully crafted to be relaxed and optimistic.

Hello friends.

I was wondering about the medical technology here when it comes to ... prosthetics. [The word is new to him, so he isn't sure about the pronunciation.] Back home, I was building artificial arms and hands out of wood and metal. I was perfecting a cross bow attachment too. When I arrived here, I had my basic pseudo-hand with me.

[He holds up the prosthetic in question. It's made of polished wood and rather well crafted, but it also doesn't allow him to grip or hold things. It's mostly to put the humans who live in Hightown at ease as he shops at the market.]

The advancements here, though. They are so incredible. There has to be some advancements in this area too - after all I doubt I'm the first person to find themselves disarmed all of the sudden. [That's a terrible joke, but this topic is so uncomfortable for him he can't help but make it.]

Is there anything that you can tell me?


Oct. 14th, 2017 04:37 pm
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Who: Shiro and you
Broadcast: Yes
Action: If you want, he's on the Blameless
When: Saturday evening

[Text closed to Keith - Friday night]

We've arrived to the new system. How are you feeling?

[He doesn't know about the planet bringing back the sensations of the dreams yet, but he worries.]


[Video - Saturday evening]

[When the feed starts, an armor wearing Shiro is sitting down and taking off his helmet as the light blue lights of his suit go off.]

This is Shiro, co-captain of S.S. Blameless.

[His face is serious, and his tone of voices means business.]

Last month, certain members of the fleet had visions about the planet we were visiting and the incident that happened after. But there are certain dreams that didn't find their match there, and it seems this new system has brought those sensations back. So early today, I went down with a teammate that had those dreams to investigate. [He frowns a bit, obviously not pleased with the result.] There are some small towns, inhabited by the orange-skinned people we usually encounter. They're heavily armed, too, because of a group called the Vieziri. They're dangerous, deadly hunters that have made the locals live in constant fear.

[His hold on his helmet tightens - it's frustrating, not having his lion, being limited in what he can help with. But he continues, the natural leader in him shining through.]

I know we can't stay in our ships forever. So if you go down there, please, don't do it alone. The bigger the group, the better. Bring a weapon with you, if you aren't the powered or magical kind. The locals are willing to sell theirs, too. Keep your communicators safe and close at all times, check the GPS function that our fellow fleet members were offering some time ago. Captains, it would be wise of you to know where your crew is at all times.

[He pauses. There isn't much more he can say other than be careful. So how to end such a feed?]

If a situation like Lyuku's must happen again, I can only hope we're better prepared this time. [ #famouslastwords ]


Oct. 14th, 2017 06:48 pm
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Who: Sokka and YOU!
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: Blue Fish
When: Before the current event

[Sokka looks a little older than when he last appeared on the feed. He's working on his ageing upgrades, but boy does it take its sweet time getting there. He also looks considerably tired, he hasn't been sleeping well for the past week- for a very specific reason.]

Okay. I'm just gonna make this quick. This is me, Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe, sincerely apologising publicly to Katie for doubting her dream catchers and how they work.

Is that enough? Please tell me it's enough I am really done with the weird cat dreams.

Back from the Dead

Oct. 14th, 2017 07:46 pm
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Who: Remy, Kurt, and open.
Broadcast: Yes.
Action: On the Twin Roses.
When: Backdated to 9th October.

[Several weeks after the loss of the planet, both Remy and Kurt seem fit enough to finally head back to the Twin Roses. Or at least fit enough to roll themselves out of the beds they had been left in to wake up and recover from their not-so-near death experience.]

‘nd I thought the day after Mardi Gras was bad. Merde, remind me never to be down on an explodin’ planet again, feel like ‘ve been stuck in a tumble drier filled of swamp water ‘nd set spinnin’ for two weeks on end.

Lebeau, if you don’t stop complaining I’m going to put you back on that planet. Gott, I haven’t felt this horrible since I was a child. [Kurt paused, raising a hand to shove his shoulder-length hair out of his eyes] Und my hair is in my fucking face. [He’s going to pretend that didn’t sound at all like a pathetic whine.]

Thought that kinda comes with the whole fur thing, ya know, hair in the face. [Look at him, he’s just so funny, isn’t it? Though they had to come back to reality eventually, as much fun as it was to avoid it and just muck around.] How angry ya think Kitty will be at us? Though, in my defense, I had been usin’ ya as the messenger, so ya the one who failed to tell her, not me.

[Hilarious, and Kurt is about to tell him in no minced words just how well his humor is going over when the other man mentions Kitty. What spirit Kurt has deflates, his tail drooping far enough to drag on the ground.] I doubt you’ll have any worries about her wrath once she sees me.

Ahh, [Remy reached out to pat a hand against Kurt’s shoulder, maybe a bad thing at the sudden movement didn’t help anything, making him winch before he dropped his hand again.] We’ll face her together, after all, we stuck in this together, hein? Seems only right with ya bein’ an idiot ‘nd coming back for me.

[A faint smile twitches at the corners of his mouth, even as he very carefully shakes his head.] Don't make promises, Lebeau. You might want to kill me too when this is over.

Though, [Remy started as he moved to pull out his comm, activating it so he could say the next part into it as well as saying it to Kurt. Kurt forced himself to straighten, crossing his arms over a chest that's broader than its been in years.] Guess while we at it it be good to let everyone know we’re, ya know, back alive? Which be a good thing, don’t recommend the dyin’ but glad to be brought back. I just may be spendin’ the next week or two in bed still. Donno what they do to ya while ya out, but merde if it ain’t a number on ya.

I have a few theories.

[To Kurt.] Guessin’ we ain’t really goin’ to get ‘ny sympathy over it though, considerin’ what we did.

At this point I'd settle for the mercy of a swift death. [Kurt glances toward the comm, giving a good shot of his face; lean, but noticeably younger by the better part of a decade. His hair is longer too, falling around his shoulders.] Any takers?

[Feel free to tag either of the boys, or both.]

October - November Star System

Oct. 13th, 2017 04:26 pm
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Drift Fleet is officially three years old this month! As we have noted previously, the metaplot has been ramping up to this, the last major plot of the year. The culmination of players’ efforts over the past several systems and their actions in this one will have a major impact on the outcome of the plot as well as what will happen in the future.

Due to the intense nature of the upcoming event, we’re offering a variety of options that allow you to play in your comfort zone. We don’t want anyone to feel pressured or left out. If none of the options in this post suit you, please contact us via PM and we’ll work something out. ♥

  • Excessive Violence, Gore if players so choose
  • Cannibalism (implied in plot writeups, can be played with by players)
  • High-Stress/Traumatic Situations
  • Torture/mutilation (implied in plot writeups)
  • Human Sacrifice

    If that hasn’t scared you away - well, first, Happy Almost Halloween! Second, keep reading to find out what’s going on with this planet…

    It's about to get real... )
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    New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship, passengers!

  • Some ships have fallen to 60 percent capacity or below. As a result, players have expressed interest in fusing ships! We have a permanent submission page here with the process and forms. Ships with six or fewer people are allowed to apply. If you were considering a fusion, but gained a seventh that was shuffled by the mods, then you are still eligible. Feel free to contact us with any questions!


    Zelda -X- SS Goldstone
    Worf -X- SS Vanquish


    Jacqli = SS Caprine → First Mate (applied)


    Current Crew Roster
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    Oct. 11th, 2017 10:38 pm
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    Who: Aizawa & you
    Broadcast: Open
    Action: n/a
    When: late at night

    If you've previously died and been revived here, I would appreciate an account of your experiences.

    (no subject)

    Oct. 10th, 2017 08:51 pm
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    Hey guys!

    This is a game wide request for anyone who might be willing to help Yuri and Victor out. Both of them feel much better if there is an ice rink they can practice on. Poshu and I have been plotting together to see about building a rink in the Iskaulit. The mods have told Poshu that we might be able to pull it off if we have IC help building it.

    Basically what we need is characters with resources, ice abilities, or anything else that would help Victor and Yuri build it.

    Once the rink is open, Victor and Yuri will be providing lessons to anyone who wants to learn to skate and the rink will be open for public use.

    Tomorrow, Poshu and I are going to make an open post with Victor and Yuri bringing this up and giving characters a chance to give them input. This post is mostly just for OOC input about how best to go about this and to give people a heads up if they want to participate.

    Anyway, thanks in advance! Keep a look out for the joint post tomorrow!

    Video - Open

    Oct. 10th, 2017 05:46 pm
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    [The feed opens on Furiosa. She's looking like any of the other Flooters who had found themselves caught in the meteor's wake; a little like death warmed over. Her face is paler than usual, except for the dark circles under her eyes. She hasn't taken care to shear her hair recently, and it's something of a greasy fuzz over her scalp. Her eyes have always had that wastelander haunt to them - though perhaps not as deeply as Max's - but there were few moments when she actually looked directly at the camera. She was wrapped up in blankets, cold, and tired, but unable to sleep.]

    I'm not one for religions. They all seem pretty useless to me. In my world, you had the here and now and you could come up with any idea on what happened after and it was anyone's guess. No one knew. The -- [What would she even call life at the Citadel?] -- society -- I was a part of, however, believed in Valhalla. They followed a crazy tyrant who claimed he would lead them in the afterlife.

    [She shifts to get more comfortable. Even though she was wordier than Max, it's not by much, and this is a lot to talk about all at once. It's a lot of details from her world (though, notable, not exactly her own life. That she still held close to the chest).] My world was poisoned. There were Half-Lifes who never made it through their second decade. They would either get sick, whither away, fall victim to lesions and tumors. Or ... through the Cult of the V8, Immortan Joe [No hiding the vitriol in that name], and Valhalla, they would 'Live, Die, Live again.'

    The goal, then, was to die heroic on the Fury Road. For others to bear witness to your triumphant end and what would hopefully be their entrance into Valhalla. It's all lies told to boys so they'd happily follow a maniac to the very brink of hell. [She pauses, looks down at her hand. She had a point, what was her point? Why was she telling everyone this?]

    [When she continues, her voice is softer,] This is not Valhalla. Whatever reason the Atroma saw fit to bring us back, it's not about glory, or immortality. It's selfish, flippant, belligerent.

    [Not that she's not happy to be back; but she doesn't want it going to her head. This is just as much a warning to herself as it is to others.] It's always an end. Don't forget that.


    Oct. 9th, 2017 03:59 pm
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    Who: Doudanuki & everyboooooody rock your-- wait no
    Broadcast: Yes
    Action: SS Caprine
    When: Oct 9

    [Voice to Caprine]
    [Well... that was that then. Kai was gone, Ezri Dax was gone, Bones was gone, so now he was the last member of the crew that was around when he first arrived. He'd feared things would come to pass like this, but as soon as he saw that his quarters had moved from his own small bunk to the larger captain's quarters, he had to accept his fate.

    And so he sent out a shipwide broadcast.

    ...So this is Doudanuki Masakuni and apparently I'm your new captain. [Can you hear the enthusiasm in his voice? It's about as lively as a dead fish] So I'm gonna need a first mate. I don't plan on disappearin' anytime soon, but havin' someone around to help would be... [Well] helpful. Especially 'cause some of you are new.

    And in case you're wonderin', I'm not human, so if you got human stuff you need help with, I ain't the one to do it. [a beat] Sorry.

    [Voice: OPEN]
    [Speeeeaking of.]

    For people who knew them, Ezri Dax and Kai Gracen have both returned. Hopefully, they're safe and sorry for the late announcement, but... [Well, a planet was blowing up.

    He clears his throat.
    ] Things got busy.

    Anyone got any tips on how to be a captain? Especially tips for a non-human who has to take care of a bunch of humans now?

    (no subject)

    Oct. 9th, 2017 07:34 am
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    Hullo! My name is Kate, I'm totally new and bringing in Anduin Lothar from the Warcraft film.

    (it was super tempting to use this one)

    Lothar is commander of the Stormwind army and looks every inch of it to be honest. Unlike Khadgar, Lothar is not a magic type and relies more on armour and weaponry than flinging spells. Basically a warrior class. Lothar is not one to trust right off the bat and can come across as a bit abrasive, but he just says what he thinks needs to be said. If you're a friend, he'll just tease and torment you with a bro punch to the arm. I could ramble all day, but it's best to say that his app can be found here. He'll be on the SS Caprine and I am super excited to be jumping in. My plurk is [plurk.com profile] enabled and my discord is kate#2465.

    -1 Klingon

    Oct. 9th, 2017 07:32 am
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    Sorry guys but I'm going to have to let Worf go back to DS9. My life has gotten increasingly busier and I'm finding no time to play Worf and give him the justice he deserves right now.

    Hopefully, I might re-app in the near future, but for now I'm taking my warrior home. It's been fun and thank you!


    Oct. 8th, 2017 12:22 pm
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    Hi everyone, unfortunately I'm dropping Zelda. I've been low on motivation lately and don't feel like I'm doing my part with tags, so I'll be letting her go home to Hyrule.

    This means I'm out of the game too. Thanks to everyone who played with me, either with Zelda or Erik. It's been great fun this last year and a half ♥

    See you around!

    One Fish, Two Fish, Blue Fish Mingle

    Oct. 6th, 2017 10:44 pm
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    Who: The crew of the SS Blue Fish and friends
    Broadcast: Not necessarily?
    Action: On the lovely Blue Fish
    When: Month of October

    [With the tragedy of Lyuku and the entire Eyuzi system behind the Fleet, the crew of the Blue Fish and their friends are now settling into a new routine while they drift along in the relative safety of space.

    As one of the few ships that didn't suffer a loss of crew during their little excursion, the crew can safely go about their duties, unless something attacks that is.]

    {Video} Kitchen-y explosion!

    Oct. 6th, 2017 07:32 pm
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    Who: Fingon and YOU!
    Broadcast: Fleetwide.
    Action: Huntress.
    When: Now!

    {People on the Huntress might start smelling new food from the kitchen throughout the day as the resident cook experiments with the latest new gadgets and supplies. Fingon is rather...energetic and enthusiastic in his job onboard.

    At least he has his long hair pulled back in various braids within braids, so there is no danger of hair dangling in food, and his sleeves are all pushed up and tied out of his way.}

    I...{a cheerful laugh, if a bit embarrassed as he addresses the fleet with a floured grin} I seem to have gotten ahead of myself - my friends, if you are hungry and wish to have a bite, you are welcome!

    shuffle just for kicks

    Oct. 6th, 2017 07:03 pm
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    New Passengers will find themselves teleported to the bridge of their new ship with no warning! Everyone loves a surprise! There'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship, passengers!

  • Some ships have fallen to 60 percent capacity or below. As a result, players have expressed interest in fusing ships! We have a permanent submission page here with the process and forms. Ships with six or fewer people are allowed to apply. If you were considering a fusion, but gained a seventh that was shuffled by the mods, then you are still eligible. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

    Anduin Lothar → SS Caprine

    Yuan Ka-Fai -X- First Breath
    Jack Sparrow -X- SS Bishop
    Laura Kinney -X- SS Red Fish
    Natalie Goodman -X- SS Wonderduck
    Nicholas D. Wolfwood -X- SS Twin Roses
    Rick Grines -X- SS Bishop
    Jill Valentine -X- SS Heron
    Ezri Dax -X- SS Caprine

    Freyja Wion = SS Red Fish → SS Bloodsport
    Zack Fair = SS Caprine → SS Bloodsport

    Riona Cousland Theirin = SS Blue Fish → First Mate (applied)
    Velvet Crowe = SS Red Fish → Captain (applied)
    Doudanuki Masakuni = SS Caprine → Captain (assigned)

    Ezri Dax -X- SS Caprine → Captain

    Current Crew Roster