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IC Contact.


"This is Sam -- just leave a message, I'll get back to you."

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[Shit. Dean watches for a moment, hearing Sam babble about the conversation, but then finally moves into the room and takes Sam by the arm. Hard. Jerks him so that Sam will face him and stop searching for just a god damn minute.]


[Even more serious.]


[Then again, for good measure.]

Stop. Sam, you can't just jump into something like this. You need to sit down and chill out.
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[Dean hates this. Hates seeing Sam tear into himself like this, hates that Crowley got under his skin to such a degree, hates that Crowley is even around with his stupid hellhounds, being a thorn in their sides like always.

When he speaks, his voice is quiet. He doesn't move to touch Sam again — gives him his space.]

You couldn't know.

[And while it may not be comforting, it's a simple fact. He couldn't know that something bad would have happened to Sarah, couldn't know that they'd be dealing with deeper shit than they could have even imagined back then. There's no way. Back then, Sam was still such a kid. They both were, really. So ignorant of all the shit that was out there, just waiting for them.]

You wanna get him, Sammy, we'll get him. You and me. We'll put him in a devil's trap or kill him over and over again, or whatever it takes. We'll do it.

[Dean will be right there with you.]

But we can't rush into it. We need a plan.

[Dude has seven freaking hellhounds. Maybe. Dean isn't so sure he was telling the truth, but if he was — yeah, they can't just run in, guns blazing.]
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[Doesn't matter whether Sam can justify it or not, Dean will always blame himself. There's one reason Sam returned to hunting — one reason he met Sarah at all — and that's because Dean pulled him right back into this. Took him away from Jess, and kick-started everything. He doesn't believe in destiny — he and Sam both told destiny to shove it, what seems like ages ago — and so the burden falls on someone. That someone is Dean. If he had left Sam, all those years ago, to just live out his happy life with Jess, none of this would have happened. No Purgatory, no apocalypse, no hell. No Crowley, no nothing. Sam would be a lawyer, married and happy, and Dean would be out there killing the bad guys. Or dead.

But Sam wouldn't have had this.

Things are different, now, because they have unfinished business. Just like Sam had unfinished business when he decided to turn off his phone for a year, while Dean rotted in Purgatory. They have responsibilities and people relying on them. Sam sees a way out, but he'll never be able to get the hell out if demons like Crowley keep getting in the way. Which is exactly why the trials are so damn important.

It's fucked, though — that they just have one problem after another after another, unrelenting, and they keep trudging on until everyone they love gets pulled in somehow. That Dean has to crouch down opposite of Sam, and offer him words that really aren't all that comforting, words that can't keep the guilt at bay. That they both know that someone else gets pulled into the vortex and dies because of it.]

We'll stop him. He won't be able to hurt anyone else after we finish the trials.

[Because they're getting home. Dean doesn't doubt that. They have a good angle, good leads, everything they need. They're going to go home, and they're going to seal up hell, and maybe they'll kill Crowley too. For the hell of it. Here, there — both places. Why the hell not?

He's nothing compared to Leviathans and Lucifer and everything else. He's just Crowley — a demon on a power trip.]

No rushing, but we'll make it happen.

[They always do.]
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[And it's as simple as that. A little further, just a little bit more, and then Sam can get out just like he wants, have his happy ending and a girl and whatever else he tried to have going for him during Dean's time in Purgatory. Dean'll keep hunting, because that's what he does, and there will still be vengeful spirits to be put to rest and monsters to put down.

But there will be no more deals and no more Crowley and no more demons they need to hunt down in revenge.]

Him and the rest of Hell.

[Dean stands back up and nods toward the books Sam knocked over.]

Come on. Better get those cleaned up before Cas sees.
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[Dean stands quietly, watching Sam pick up the books. When he pauses and apologizes, Dean doesn't respond for a moment. He thinks about the state that Sam was just in, and the trials that are still looming before him. It's not the first time that he thinks that he should probably take over, somehow. Find another hellhound and take on the burden of the trials.

He doesn't say that, though, because the trials are on the back burner until they get back. Their focus can't be on that, and he doesn't want to prompt yet another argument between himself and Sam.

Instead, he nods once in acknowledgement.]

You should go for one of your walks when you're done with that. Clear your head.

[And with that, he moves to leave the room.]