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Fire Salamander

Pretty well-mannered, but still a possible trouble-maker.

Typical estimations peg them at around six to eight inches long, give or take for the tail, red and black in color. They can be trained and tamed, but be careful, they're still a fire hazard with their flamework when they get agitated or feel threatened. I've seen the wild ones in darker places, so they seem to enjoy being out of the sunlight. Diet is bugs, keep away from easily flammable material. Might live under your houses. Generally not dangerous up close and personal, but if they're in hoards you might wanna move along.


They are literally fruity.

Seem like usual cows, but not like the ones from my world. They are colored differently and are pretty damn fast for being just... cows. Usually too fast to catch on foot, that's for sure, but they're a pretty decent source of food. Obviously I'd recommend not wiping them all out, because if you can tame them? You can actually have a source of milk around here. It's not like that's particularly easy to come by. You'll have a hell of a time trying to catch them, though. Tried to catch one, ended up having to strategize to get close enough. Usual applies: mammals, herbivores (unless they go out killing things when nobody's looking, but I'm doubting that). Seems to be different variations of breed based off their colors, and as far as I've learned each color produces a different-tasting milk. Seem to appreciate staying away from inner city and more toward the outside ring of the Safezone.

Terrible Terrors (ATTACHED IMAGE)

Not as terrible as their namesake.

Breed of dragon, typically pretty small, about the size of your usual house cat. They come in a few different colors, too, but I haven't noticed anything varying between them based on that. Surprisingly easy to tame, and not too destructive. Well, about as much as a pet can be in a house by themselves, anyway. The two in the image befriended me a while back and still like to linger around, so be careful when you give them food out of the kindness of your heart, if you're not into surprise guests. They appear to feed off whatever you can toss their way, scavenging or picking off small creatures. Not particularly a threat to bigger creatures, and definitely not humans. They do shoot flames, so be wary of that. Then again, it's a dragon, so I guess you'd expect as much. Usually pack animals, but they stray from time to time.

Seems to like when you shine crap at them. Maybe they're cats reincarnated into another life.

Dean - don't go shooting at them, they're OK.


Asked Castiel about his encounter, I can traslate the reply as "0/10, would not recommend".

Boy, these are nasty. They're in the Wastelands, and if you can avoid them? Avoid them. This isn't some prissy monster you can just knock over with a stick, alright. They're big and toxic, and they usually poison their victims, disorient them, and even blind them temporarily. Not sure what their diet is, but it's possible it'll eat anything that it runs into with a pulse. Though I'm guessing it could photosynthesize, since it looks like it's predominantly plant. I'm thinking Venus Fly Trap - same principle: probably uses a plant-based toxin to capture, eat, and digest its prey. From the testimony I've heard, they also have a tendency to spit acid. You see a big creature waving around tentacles with a few mouthful of teeth? Just leave the thing where you see it and go find somewhere else to spend your time. Likes wet, cold, or otherwise unpleasant places anyway, so it's not too hard to find a cozier place away from it.


[There is an attachment to an entry Sam made on Demons.]

Demons, in my world, are human souls cast into Hell and mutilated to the point where humanity is pretty much wiped out of their spirits. They're twisted, and are the darkest core of the person they once were. These particular demons I'm highlighting are entirely made of black smoke and possess bodies against their wills as vessels. You'll know someone's been possessed if you see a flash of purely black eyes, or they shrink away from holy water. You can also try a good ol' fashioned 'Christos' to see if they flinch, maybe a nice slap of salt to the face, among other things. If you want to learn how to defend yourself from these particular types of demons, look at the attached link into my guide on their weaknesses and proper wards. It'll do you a lot more good than bad, trust me.

Of course, there are also demons from other worlds. The definition is so broad, I can't exactly comb over every single type, so I'm limiting this entry to the black-eyed ones located in my world. Maybe once I compile more about particular demons, I'll make sections for them.

Killer Rabbits (ATTACHED IMAGE)

Be careful around rabbits, okay? You'd think that's a ridiculous notion, but I'm serious here. These killer rabbits look relatively normal at a glance, but they're distinguishable by some pretty sharp teeth, top and bottoms. It seems like their jaws unhinge, or at least open with some pretty impressive ranges of motion. They're carnivorous and will attack humans if they're provoked; can be found both in and out of the Safe Zones. I'm pretty sure there's a Monty Python joke I could put here, but half of the populace wouldn't get dumb Earth humor, so I'll skip that.

Hellhounds (ATTACHMENT // Extracted from Lore Book)

Hell hounds - dog of Hell, it's all in the name. In usual lore back home, they were referencing the Cerberus: Hades' dog in Greek mythology. The real ones are usually invisible to ordinary humans, though, and they can be a real bitch to locate. They're usually pretty nosy before they go attacking their prey, but don't count on it. They have the ability to drag human souls off to Hell, though that's probably less of an issue here in Adstringendum — still, they're not something you want to mess with. They're created to be killing machines, loyal to a complete fault, and aren't cute little pets to cuddle with. Their strength and speed is pretty damn impressive. Once they catch the scent of a person they're ordered to hunt? They won't stop until they sink their teeth in. If you can, use kosher salt to keep them at bay. You can either stand in a salt circle or put a line of it in front of a doorway to keep them out. You can also use devil's shoestring or goofer dust to shield an entryway so they can't come in. They can possibly be killed by iron shrapnel as well.

They are local creatures, and even kept as pets, but I would steer clear.

Also, in case it wasn't blindingly obvious, they're carnivores.

Hellcats (Yodare) (ATTACHED IMAGE)


These are also carnivores. They have cute bodies and horrifying teeth. Stay away from them. They will bite you.

Usually located in the city — haven't seen as many out in the Wastelands. You don't need to know much else, but I've noticed they have a problem drooling. Probably because of their misshapen, weird-ass jaws. Best way to get one to leave you alone is to toss them a piece of meat; once they're focused on that, you can usually go on your merry way. Think of them as... furry, land-dwelling piranha. 





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